Vancouver cab driver assault preceded by racial slurs: 'Not about money'

Lloyd Peter Robinson has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after a cab driver was viciously beaten. The meter read $5.40, but the victim's wife says that the attack wasn't about money.

A Vancouver taxi driver was brutally attacked on the night of November 22, and left with severe head injuries. 29-year-old Lloyd Peter Robinson was arrested and charged for the crime.

The taxi's meter read $5.40, but it looks like there is more to the story than that.

Rajwat Shergill, the cab driver’s wife, said in a phone interview that the attack had nothing to do with the money, and everything to do with race: she and her husband are Indian.

Shergill said that the assailant hurled racial slurs at the driver during the entire course of the short drive. The female passengers also chiming in with racist comments, but "it was mostly the boy".

As the taxi headed off the Granville Strip, said Shergill, the male passenger started tampering with the security camera mounted near the rearview mirror. The driver told him to stop.

When the cab reached Drake near Marinaside, one of the women went to pay the driver, but the male passenger said not to do so, as that was not their final stop.

One of the women went into an apartment building, saying she’d be back out in five minutes. The male passenger also got out of the cab. The other two women remained in the cab. At no point did the driver and the passengers argue about money, asserted Shergill, since they had all agreed that this was not the end of the cab ride.

The driver got out of the vehicle to check the front tire. As he stood back up, he saw the male passenger approaching; Sergill says that that’s when he was "sucker-punched".

Her husband, she says, isn’t sure how long the beating lasted. He was left with severe injuries: VPD Constable Brian Montague said that he “received a number of head injuries that included fractures to bones in his face, cuts and the assault did appear to render him unconscious at the time so he was severely beaten.”. Montague also alluded to video evidence of the assault.

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