Look for Michael Bublé, Steve Nash, Ryan Reynolds, Kim Cattrall, Neil Young and other Canadian celebs at Canucks game tonight

Which bigwigs and megastars are most likely to show up for tonight's faceoff between the Canucks and the San Jose sharks? Hmmm...let's fantasize. 1. Michael Bublé is an obsessive Canucks fan so we...

The Liberals' historic defeat: living in interesting times

DECISION 2011: Toronto helped Stephen Harper to a majority. The NDP is the Official Opposition. The Bloc has only two seats, and the Greens have one. Not a bad news day.

Elvis was in the building at Vancouver Canucks playoff game

Rocker Costello "Pumps It Up" with local band Odds before the puck dropped.

NHL tells Vancouver car dealership its Go Canucks Go sign is a no go

Manager mystified about why he was singled out from a sea of hockey enthusiasm.

VO Photo Pool: Canucks, Canucks and more Canucks

Revisit the stunning OT game 7 winner by Alex Burrows and the mass celebration that ensued captured by our awesome VO Photo Pool contributors.

A tale of two cities, a tale of the Canucks

After a Game 5 walloping, the Canucks’ swag has disappeared, leaving behind a city whose mood is unrecognizable from the jubilation we knew not so long ago.

Canucks’ Cup quest runs through arch-nemesis Chicago

Vancouverites are hoping this year’s dominant Canucks will prove that the third time is, indeed, lucky.

Canucks Week in Review

The Canucks are on a winning streak. Will it continue at tonight's game vs. the Philadelphia Flyers?

Canucks Week in Review

Winning the only two games they played in a light week, the Canucks will look for one final good week to head into the holidays atop the Western Conference.

Canucks week in review

Markus Naslund’s jersey retirement headlined a week that saw the Canucks win two of three games.