This morning at 10 a.m., media and officials converged on the Occupy Vancouver encampment downtown during an attempt to force the removal of tarps, fire hazards and unoccupied tents. After yesterday’s statement from the Fire Department requesting compliance with safety standards, protesters spoke to press about the current situation.

As sleeping campers started to wake up, tarps began to come down. Some said it was in response to the Fire Department’s requests, but an Occupy Vancouver spokesperson explained that it was the group’s own decision to make adjustments for the safety of the camp.

At the scene, tweets indicated today’s event was more about media coverage than new developments regarding the movement. It seems some members of the press were involved in unpleasant confrontations with protesters.

Observers note that recent events – including an emergency rescue after a heroin overdose at camp – may signal a drop in support from the greater community.

A list of demands has been circulating for the past couple days, including everything from taxing the rich to banning non-recyclable packaging.

However, further tweets and reports say these demands are a hoax.