Occupy Vancouver: Live blog

Almost one month after the Occupy Wall Street protest began in New York, the protests have come home to Vancouver, where Adbusters Media Foundation founder Kalle Lasn initially conceived the idea.

Occupy Vancouver photos in slide show by Linda Solomon for The Vancouver Observer

5:47: Crowds thinning (some people staying overnight), Granville Skytrain packed, but some awesome photos from our former VO intern Brittany Tiplady here:

photos by Brittany Tiplady

4:50: A sign showing few reasons why youth were at Occupy Vancouver protest, although there was an increase for minimum wage. Photo by Rich Kobelt:

4:15: A speaker read out Jack Layton's final letter, big crowd response.

4:09: Still lots of people asking what the protest is really about. 

"#occupyvancouver because: Corporate profits quadrupled in BC in the 1990s and doubled again in the 2000s." tweets @BCFed

3:10: Buses pull aside as a giant group of protesters march down Granville shouting, "We! Are! The 99 per cent!"

2:51: Here's one pic showing the turnout. From @GlobalBC

2:00: People claim 5,000 people are at Occupy Vancouver. Still very peaceful, NDP supporters, environmental activists, anti-poverty advocates, all very friendly. 

1:50: Crowd marching down Granville.  Bus stopped at Granville near Robson.  Driver honks at marchers and marchers erupt into wild cheers.  Bus driver raises her fist in a gesture of solidarity with the crowd.  More wild cheers.  What is it about those moments, when random people join together, when people seem to have a common cause, which we all do, in fact, all of the time?  It was one of those moments that sent chills up the spine and brought tears to eyes.

12:42: March happening at Hornby Street

Photo by @lpasichnyk

12:41 Too much ground being covered by speakers?

"Speakers at #occupyvancouver talking about everything from raw milk to gmo food to Missing Women Inquiry" tweeted by @Vivluk.

Air Canada (caught up in labour dispute) reps taking the mic, expressing outrage that execs got 77 per cent raise while working conditions deteriorated for the workers.

And 9/11 truth movement people who turn up at every protest at the Art Gallery, here again.

12:15 Monetary system being explained, structural problems creating econoimc disparity

11:50 Speakers about to talk at noon. Officers are saying some 2,500 people present now on site.

11:40: is announcing mandate about econmic equality. Mixed response to their call for consensus building rather than voting.

11:21: Just a while before the B.C. Federation of Labour is due to show up (noon) at Occupy Vancouver protest.

photo via twitter @lightningscoot

Meanwhile a tent city sets up, to protest the lack of affordable housing. Photo from @spottedinVAN

11:00 am: Diverse crowd, mostly people in twenties, but some worried about a repeat of Stanley Cup riots.

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