Shine with Pride

 Celebrate Gay Pride with these colourful looks...

Photo courtesy of Gale BC

With Gay Pride, it's going to be a festive week.  Celebrate in these colourful looks...

Psychedelic infusion (aka marble nails)

Photo courtesy of Emily Divine

Things you will need: three bright nail colours, a cup (plastic/styrofoam) to place the polish in, cold water, and a toothpick (something to mix all the colours together). *Optional: top coat

1. Paint your nails with a base coat (any colour will work). But in honour of the pride parade, why not experiment with a nice bright yellow?

2. Fill your cup with cold water.

3. Pour a few drops from each of the nail colours into the cup.

4. Take the toothpick and swirl all the colours together:

Photo courtesy of Emily Divine

Some of the colours may run into each other but don't worry about that.

5. Place your nail on the surface of the coloured water (yes, there will be a bit of a mess), ensuring that the whole nail is completely covered.

6. Repeat for the remaining nails. Once the colours are dry, apply the top coat for a glossy finish.

7. Use nail polish remover to clean off any excess polish from your fingers.

8. Enjoy your bright look!

Somewhere over the rainbow

This eye-catching look requires a variety of different eyeshadows. With that in mind, however, don't worry about following this exact look. Choose your own colours and have fun. 

Photo courtesy of Stardoll- cheatspot 

*Remember to use eye primer - it helps the colour last all day.

If you want to recreate this exact look, follow these steps:

1. Begin by sweeping a white eyeshadow across your brow bone. This will highlight your eyebrows and make it much easier to blend the other colours.

2. Starting at the inner corner of your eye, use a hot pink eye shadow and blend it across your lid. 

3. Do the same with the blue, purple, and green eyeshadow, making sure to blend it upwards like in the picture.

4. To avoid mere blocks of colour, smoothen the shadows out by continuously blending it upwards and to the side.

5. Before you line your undereye, trace it with a white liner. This will make the colour last longer. Dip your brush in an olive green eyeshadow (or whichever colour you want) and sweep it around your entire undereye.

6. Finish off by lining your eyes with a black eyeliner. Or if you're feeling more daring, try a bright colour such as a bright green or an electric blue. 

*If you're opting for a more dramatic and outrageous look, add false eyelashes or jeweled rhinestones to your eyes.

Prints charming

Photo courtesy of Style Hive

"Pride" is nothing without its attention-grabbing get-ups. Blend in, or in this case, stand out amongst the crowd in colourful fashion attire.

Sport an eye-catching maxi dress in bright hues or wild print like these lovely ladies back at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.

With these colourful looks in mind, you're certainly ready to rock it at the Pride Parade this week. 

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