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Manolo, The Persian Cat, Arrives at West Van SPCA and Struggles to Adjust

Neglected, matted and then all shaved off. It's cold outside.

Manolo is a white Persian cat, new to West Van’s SPCA and very much on edge, aware of every movement and cat in his personal space. He came from a home that did not know how to care for Persian breeds, unknowing that their fur actually gets long and needs to be combed. Matted, unkempt and in dire need of a bath, Manolo was later sent off to the SPCA for better care.

Now, Manolo keeps to himself in his own quarters before other cats want to occupy that space. He rarely traverses the room. It is quite understandable too especially when his whole body is shaved to the skin. Pink stands out from his white head. His eyes show his full year’s age. He’s still considered a young one, but his actions show otherwise. Neither playful nor interested in much, he just sniffs to get a better feel for his new environment, having only been here a few weeks. Now, a bushy head, a fluffy white tail and soft legs and a pink, bony body remain of his beautiful physique.  

According to Lindsay, the SPCA attendant, Manolo is a sweetie and is just in shock after being an only child and now placed in a room full of other cats. Persian breeds need special care since their facial features are much less protruded than other cats, hence giving that squishy adorableness which appears like he’s constantly in an odious and unforgivable state….much like Oscar the Grouch. Some may need assistance eating since their flat face can only be in the way for food to properly remain from dish to mouth. Spoons are options. Then comes liquid. That's another sight!

There is a lot you can do to help out the local BC SPCA. The forms to fill out are very simple and basic checks are given during counselling towards adopting your new pet. It checks on your stability and awareness of bringing a new life to your home. The questionnaire takes about 5 minutes to complete and assesses your personality and lifestyle matching that with the animal they have available.

There are dogs barking agitatedly, cats too miserable for a meow, and the putrid whiff of the good ol’ animal shelter that would send anyone with a good heart to adopt an animal and take him away from this.

The holidays are nearing and animals also need that extra family warmth and shelter during these times. If your situation permits, it could be one of the best feelings to be able to save an animal. You can also donate to your local shelter. There is the monthly "PAW Plan" or a one time single gift donation. Amounts of $20 or more will entitle you to a tax receipt.

Manolo is now named Sir Momoneko II (もも猫) which means “peachcat” in Japanese.    



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