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Weird around the world

6-inch ham sub - yum... Weird world headlines from the past 2 weeks.

Not a kung fu panda, but a bear in a Japanese zoo was filmed showing off some impressive stick twirling moves. Amazing combos at 1:10.

Tropical storm in Central America creates a giant sinkhole in the northern part of Guatemala City. The hole measures an incredible 100 feet deep and 66 feet wide, but amazingly there are no confirmed fatalities. There is still no consensus to what caused the phenomenon, but some say it may have been bullet bill.

Do you know who your siblings are? A young Irish couple who met in a club and have a child together find out they have more in common than originally thought.

A kind-hearted Darthmouth, N.S. woman was fired after giving away two 6-inch Subway subs to fire victims. An employee is entitled to one 12-inch sub a day, which the woman forgot to mark down, but in the end it didn’t matter.

Criminals in Vancouver are not always smart. A collection of stupid criminal stories from around Metro Vancouver that’ll make you laugh.

It’s probably best to report a death, especially if it’s in your home. An Edmonton man, who lived with his wife’s decomposing body was charged after being discovered by police after neighbours complained of a terrible smell.

A fake mourner nicknamed the “grim eater” doggy-bags food at services and continues on to others. Who takes home food from funerals anyways?

Beware of drunken birds falling from the sky if you visit Sydney, Australia. They don’t throw up as a result of their drunkenness, but seemingly have similar human hangover symptoms.

Can’t stand Justin Bieber or want to control your teenage daughter’s addiction? Block him from your web activities by simply downloading the “Shaved Bieber” add-on from Firefox. The creator of the app has seen predictable backlash from adoring Bieber fans. Check out the comments at the bottom of the story. “LEVE JUSTIN ALONE U GUYS AL JUST HATERS”


More in World

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Finger pointing in Richmond Chinese signage debate not constructive

Language rules on signage would not resolve the tensions that underlined the petition presented to Richmond City Council last week.

Two years after Japan's tsunami, time stands still

"Two years after the tsunami: families lost, time stands still," reads the headline on Japan's Asahi newspaper this morning, as the country marks the anniversary of the 9.0 magnitude...
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