The World People's Conference on Climate Change ends with Declaration for the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Like any organized event around a global issue, this conference met a bit of heat from the larger nations who actively participated in the deal signing at COP15. Despite the grievances, WPCCC was an astounding success for all of its participants and defined a moment in history in the fight for justice on Climate Change. Photographer Kris Krüg was in Bolivia documenting the conference and all of the global communities that came to participate.

Here is the part 2 photo essay from the WPCCC:

Colomi - Bolivia - WPCCC

In Cochabamba and its surround towns, like Colomi, there are lots of colorful political graffiti on buildings and houses. From general unease with global politics to praise for the reform of Bolivia, this kind of art allows communities to express their politics.


Colomi -  Bolivia - WPCCC

Until a better solution is found for the unnecessary pollution of consumption, fields like this will continue to exist in the town of Colomi. Two young kids dig through the trash for whatever they may find.


Colomi - Bolivia - WPCCC Colomi -  Bolivia - WPCCC Colomi -  Bolivia - WPCCC

One of the conference days of the WPCCC included a small press tour of the local village of Colomi. This tour was directed by Evo Morales and showed a personal side to the Bolivian President.


Colomi vs. Bolivia National Team Soccer Game - Evo Morales - Colomi  - Bolivia

The stop in Colomi included a local soccer game with the local team of Colomi and the Bolivian National Team, which hosts Bolivian President Evo Morales as a player. The crowd roared to see their President play on their field.


World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of  Mother Earth - Cochabamba, Bolivia

An attendee of the World People's Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth livens up the central conference square with traditional music.


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