How do you go from spilling soup on Liberace to running a chain of luxury spas? And then go on to be named chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade?

It's not as indirect a climb as you'd think, as a new profile of Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia in the November issue of BC Business points out.

Beyond her own business background, though, some of the more interesting insights in the article come when Lisogar-Cocchia talks about lcoal business and what can be done to weather the troubled economic times ahead.

She's generally optimistic about Vancouver, but does say there's work to be done -- for example, through the board's Economic Development Committee, “a powerful, dedicated group of diverse individuals ready to take business challenges to the forefront of the appropriate governments or organizations.” 

Lisogar-Cocchia also wants to build on the board's brand, its reputation as a place to network, and on its popular speakers series.

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