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Making Vancouver affordable for elderly women

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  • The need to form a National Housing Strategy, as well as housing strategies at the provincial and municipal levels (with local strategies reflecting the actual demographic and city specific data collection)

  • A commitment from federal and provincial governments to build ten thousand units a year of full-gamut social housing

  • Improved residential tenancy provisions

  • Create a spectrum of housing options, i.e., different forms of progressive/life cycling co op models (as co-ops are good ideas for seniors until they can no longer participate in co-op activities, and begin to lose out on the benefits of actively participating members.)

  • Raise welfare rates

  • Create accountability measures for Ottawa as a feature of the National Housing Strategy

  • A return of the mandatory long-form census to include what percentage women are spending on housing and what kind of housing they are spending on, and connecting gender-lens survey data with market research to look for gaps

  • A feminist perspective in data collection methodology, design and analysis (i.e., a process around gender disaggregated data)

  • Quotas for women in politics and legislative assembly quotas

  • More support for hospices, as we have a growing percentage of women seniors, and more women will be needing this service

  • More support for support workers, both supported housing and home support workers (who are mostly women) because women lose housing without adequate social support. For example, at Save On Meats, there is a discount for police and fire and rescue workers.  How about a discount for housing support workers in the area?

  • Create a legal right to not be evicted into homelessness

  • Studies that show the connection between quality of housing and health

  • Tax bonuses for landlords who have long-time tenants

  • More aggressive granting to make developers dedicate a percentage of their buildings to affordable housing

On what we can do, responses ranged from “Go to the streets!” to forming coalitions between grassroots housing projects and policy driven housing projects at all three levels of government, and finally, to connect these policy initiatives to arts driven housing initiatives like the Housing Matters Media project, connecting politics to storytelling, narrative and documentary.

Ingrid Kolsteren concludes her table’s findings with a statement that has the striking quality of what is both true, and forgotten:

“We have a right to basic housing and we should have housing for our whole lives.  This is a social, economic and human right. It shouldn’t be a dream.”

As a volunteer with the Vancouver Hospice Society, I have seen how beneficial it is for seniors to have strong family and community support.  It's always a painful moment to see the gaps between our professed ideals and the things that we are actually allowing to happen.

Working at the Hospice is uplifting because it is a place that embodies the highest ideals we have as a society -- that we assist each other, that we care for and protect those who are helpless, that we honour our elderly.  

It's good to have a bedrock around which we can get out bearings in a city where elderly women are being squeezed out of homes and communities by landlords enforcing untenable rent increases.

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