Valentine's Day: savvy babe wants eco hunk

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Savvy: 36-24-36, 5-foot-7 inches, 37 years, 120lbs, FUN
Unusual: Me – 97, 970 pounds, 9 million 700 thousand dollars
You: 25, 125 pounds
Just kidding. But this is for real. I'm 30-something, seeking a very smart, progressive male for long walks on the seawall and hikes in the mountains. Must like my jokes and Beethoven AND Weird Al.

Send your reply to [email protected].

Here are some of our favourite, "I Saw Yous" from the Georgia Straight:

Bright Red Knitter

Hi L. I sat down and asked what you were knitting, turned out it was a scarf for a friend. You had bright red dyed hair. I was wearing an over-sized Cowichan sweater. You work in a fetish store and we rambled over comics, gaming, US politics, education and ethics. You are the first interesting person I've met since I've moved to the city. If you want to hang, let me know. I never usually take that bus. Cheers, N.

I "hit" on you at Cactus Club

I was putting on my jacket and whacked you in the process (Wednesday Feb. 1 @ 11:40PM). I apologized and then joked that now you could say a guy hit on you. Couldn't stay to chat. You're totally cute. I live nearby. What about you?

Pulp Fiction Passerby

You: dark hair, beard, glasses. Me: partially shaved head, standing outside of Pulp Fiction books this morning. We met eyes for just a second, and it's been bugging me all day -- I feel like I recognize you from somewhere! Maybe not. Anyways, you're cute, and I've never written one of these before, so... ah well, why not write one now.

Parted with a Pretty Parasol

I was happily skipping up to the Red Room last Saturday for the Parker/Vespers show as you were heading outside for a smoke with some friends. You asked to borrow my red and black-lace parasol so that you could stay dry in the rain. I happily offered it up for a loan with the disclaimer that it would make me very sad if I didn't get it back. That was the last I saw of you - and although I don't begrudge the night sweeping you away at the time, I hope you still have that parasol and might let me take you for coffee for the pleasure of reuniting with it! Me: wearing a red sparkly dress and brown fuzzy jacket, indeed very sad sans parasol. You: have a wicked parasol that belongs to me.

Silly Girl

Hey! We met at the Mazda Dealership about a year ago, you were the receptionist who thought I was cute and wrote about it in your diary. You: Sweet, Tall, Enchanting. Almost Elvish. Me: Sweet, Tall, Cool. Not geeky or odd at all. I feel for you immediately, but it wasn't because you're so beautiful. It was because you are so damn silly! You're 100% you, and that makes you magical. I'm not perfect, I've screwed up plenty in my time. But now that I've gained my strength, living every day until my end to my maximum potential, I thought you might like to team up for some adventure. We should snuggle!! xoxoxoxoxo -Your Guy

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