Sex, Lies and Lotusland 3: Sibyl's Appointment

Fiction by Anonymous of The Vancouver Observer

The Zen-inspired fountain bubbled down the wall. The plants offered a leafy backdrop for the silent attractive woman behind the bamboo desk. It smelled like lemongrass and earth.

As weird as it sounds, she had been thinking about this for the past week: the “new patient” form. This woman was recommended to her by Alice’s friend. “God, how long has it been since I’ve surveyed a therapist?” she wondered as she sat down with the clipboard.

NAME: Sibyl Hunter. OCCUPATION: Painter/Artist. AGE: 37. GENDER:
Female. ADDRESS, etc. Then, on top of three empty lines: REASON FOR

Sibyl stared at her clean toenails in her favorite sandals on the shining wood floor. “Reason for my visit today?” Well, she could say because she booked this appointment on a high, weeks ago, thinking it was important, and now she is showing up. She could say it’s to check in, or to open up something new. To meet a stranger who knows
how to listen. Here’s what she wrote: “I want to speak to another human being and hear her honest feedback.

There, I guess that’s it today:

She put the pen down.
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