Sex, Lies and Lotusland: Wandering Eyes

Fiction by Anonymous of the Vancouver Observer.

Alive, red, soft. Wrapped in a perfect summer dress, she floated by. Another short red dress distracted me, another soft, sweet body. Twenty somethings, thirty somethings, and all ages above and below.

They were out to play today, to feel happy, to be in the sun – kissed by the energy and attention and distraction all around them. Gawkers, revelers, moms and dads, boyfriends, bodies, hippies, healers, dogs, children and beautiful women.

“You’re gagging for it, aren’t you?”

“Stop,” I said, with an amused look still scanning the crowd. Who fucking cares if she’s right. I am, and it feels amazing. She has this odd way of saying what I am thinking, but with sly British flirtation. “Oh, 'ere we go,” she says, in the seductive tailwind of another beautiful woman walking past.

On a day like this, when the blue canopy overhead seems to give all permission for expressive joy and sexuality, it’s all I can do to not pounce. I smell smoke. Men are on the street, grilling greasy, irresistible meat, adding to the heat reflecting off the car free street. Shiny skin, shining faces. I zoom in on two other men. One man’s holding a camera to his face, staring into a portal, or a tiny window.

Not detached like a squinting digital photographer, strangely distant from his subject. In his view, a white painted man, moving in slow mo bleached of all colour, except his pink circular cheeks. Coming to his face; closer, closer, slowly, even closer.

He nearly touched the lens. The photographer silently lowered his technology but not his stare. Nothing separated these two men but breath. I held my own, watching... were they strangers? Lovers? Media and Subject? They moved together even more slowly, until their faces touched, lips meeting.

Slowly pressing, and then, almost sweetly – respectfully, parting. They maintained eye contact the whole time. I snapped a photo from where I sat. One human being watching another. The men slowly backed up, as if the film was now slowly backtracking into the real world. They turned.

I sipped my beer and felt aroused. Everything was arousing today. The faces all around me, the fresh love circulating through my veins from the morning. My lover, enjoying another part of the city today, on foot, with other friends. Let it course.

"Let it run through my body, and shine out my eyes," I thought. "Let me smile at you, and feel your vibrancy – your youth, your sexuality. Play with me in the streets. Bring that secret joy out and lift your arms and sing. Hop to the drums on the hot pavement and inhale this life."
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