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Really, BC NDP? Carole James is your final answer?

I'd really love to know what school of political strategy the BC NDP are from, because it's certainly not the one that teaches people how to win elections. The Liberals are on the verge of being neck and neck with the NDP in the polls, despite the backlash against them fueled by the HST and sustained by disgust over their lying and arrogance. And I'll tell ya this: If the Liberals elect anyone with even a shred of charisma, they'll probably win the next election, because that shred would be ten times more than what Carole James has.

The fact of the matter is, the NDP should have won the last election by a landslide. Voter unhappiness was emanating from the electorate's pores, as if the province was one giant sweatlodge. but James still managed to lose it. I distinctly recall holding my nose as I voted. The polling stations looked like an emergency ward full of nosebleeds as so many others did the same. Well, frankly, I'm not in the mood for that the next time around. If the NDP, and  James herself, can't figure out the very obvious and simple truth that she's not electable and the people of BC don't want her in the premiere's office, then they truly don't deserve it.

If you think I'm being unkind and attacking her personality, you're wrong. I'm sure she's a lovely person and I'm sure that she serves her constituents well as any MLA. Federal Liberal leader Stephane Dione was a lovely man, and we liked him when he was looking after the environment for us. But he was no leader. There is no malice in that simple fact. He stepped out of the way without a fuss. He  didn't need a rocket scientist to explain it to him. Maybe  James does. The provincial council members certainly do. They just voted 84 per cent to reject a resolution to hold a leadership convention in December, 2011.

We've been living in a media driven universe for quite some time now, since Kennedy kicked Nixon's ass, really. It isn't just about photogenics. You've got to be able to present yourself as a bold, forthright and confident decision maker. You offer anything less and you get eaten alive by the regular press, let alone the plethora of alternative media that can use a lot more colourful language in its criticism. No, if the NDP can't figure out that  James is none of these things, then they don't deserve my vote. Dance Party party, here I come.

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