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Suck on it, Latvia!

Every day there seems to be a new needle in our eye. The latest is the Cypress Moutain closure.  The slopes of Cypress were not meant to be in  Olympic' hands until February 1st.  If they close two weeks early at the behest of the iron rings then surely there was a clause for compensation. We'll  never know, though, because the venue use agreement is private.  Just add it to Vancouver's tab. We're good for it, right?

The sum total of security zones,  grafitti cleansing,  homeless cleansing, and asking artists to volunteer so that contingency funds can be paid sucks. But I still want the Canadian Hockey teams to win gold.

While there are many of us who voted "no" to the Olympics, that doesn't mean we don't want Canadians to win a medal in the luge. Nothing could make me prouder than snowshoeing gold, and the pride of saying, "Suck on it, Latvia!"

Team pride and a desire not to be tasered aren't mutually exclusive.  


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