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Quatchi Dons Brass Knuckles and Prepares to "Visit" Lululemon

The posse.

I guess the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) feel they're not yet loathed enough by Vancouverites if being a cry-baby over Lululemon's latest clothing line is any indication. Now, I've had my share of fun with Lululemon - I think there's something a tad offensive in their commodification of what is allegedly a spiritual practice - but I think I may go buy some Karma Shorts in support of their latest move.

Their new line celebrating a "Cool Sporting Event That Takes Place in British Columbia Between 2009 & 2011" has led VANOC to express it's "disappointment." I just love that. They're not mad, they're disappointed.

Bill Cooper, director of commercial rights management for the Olympic organizing committee, said "We expected better sportsmanship from a local Canadian company than to produce a clothing line that attempts to profit from the Games but doesn't support the Games or the success of the Canadian Olympic team."

Translation: "I didn't get my piece." Sorry about that, Bill "knuckles" Cooper. I mean, it's just so rich that VANOC is complaining about good sportsmanship when one of the first things they ever did was to go after the small restaurant, Olympic Pizza, which has been around a lot longer than VANOC, and tried to put it out of business with legal proceedings. So, to the Olypmic bosses: talk to the hand. Although, I shouldn't be so flip regarding VANOC's turf. I hear Quatchi's pretty handy with a set of brass knuckles.

But I guess you can't really blame VANOC. Being the good little Canadians that they are, they're just obeying their Olympic Overlords, the IOC. "Must Obey the Master."

In the meantime, I'm excited to see the list of unofficial sponsors grow, cause that's where I'll be doing my shopping.

Editor's Note: Quatchi is allegedly a helluva lot tougher than s/he looks. A bit of fur, and our hearts melt, but don't underestimate this fuzzy thing's intentions when it comes to dealing with  thieving ambush marketers in spandex. Watch out, you sun-saluting brand burglars.  Quatchi's coming. So wipe that smug trademarked look of enlightenment off your faces, lululemonheads, and run!

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