The Bachelorette's Emily meets her hot new suitors

The Bachelorette, Emily Maynard, with host Chris Harrison at the season eight premier.

This past week marked the beginning of the The Bachelorette's eighth season. The series welcomed their first ever single mom, Southern belle Emily Maynard, as the lucky gal who gets to have her pickings out of the 25 handsome men. This is not the first time the 26-year-old West Virginia native has been on the ABC reality series.

Viewers might remember watching her proposal from Brad Womack during The Bachelor's 15th season. Emily won over the hearts of both viewers and Brad with her touching story of losing her first love and finance Ricky Hendrick in a horrific plane crash. The NASCAR drivers death left her devastated but also surprised, with the discovery that she was pregnant.

Her season on the Bachelor ended with her second engagement, but unfortunately, her dream of beginning a life with Brad ended just as quickly as it began. This time she's back, and on the search for true love. 

Last Monday night, Emily welcomed 25 men to her home town of Charlotte, North Carolina -- the first time the reality series has gone to  first for the reality series -- but a decision made so that Emily could remain close to her 6-year-old daughter, Ricki, throughout her journey to find love. Out of the 25 men that made their entrance and attempted to swoon Emily, there were many compliments, sweet gestures and some downright weird situations, one even involving an ostrich egg. Here's a list of our favorite memorable men (in no particular order).

Arie | 30 | Race car driver

Arie was one of the few men who showed he truly cared about Emily's well-being. On the first night they met, he approached Emily to express his concern about how she might react when she learned about his profession: like her fiancé who passed away, Arie is a professional race car driver. It was clear by her wide-eyed expression that she was shocked about this discovery. Although she needed a moment to recover as thoughts of her dead finance flooded back, she quickly recovered and declared that she had many wonderful memories of being on the track and loved everything about racing.

Charlie | 32 | Recruiter

This dog-loving sweetheart was brutally honest, sharing his story with the camera about a near death accident that opened his eyes about what was missing in his life: a family. He may have suffered a brain injury but his sense of humor is clearly sharp as ever. 


Doug | 33 | Charity Director/ Realtor

Doug immediately won Emily over with a personal letter from his 12-year-old son. Believing that the high praise he received from his son is a true indication of who he is, both an excellent father and man, Emily became quite smitten with Doug, even giving him the first impression rose - which is typically a pretty good indication of making it to at least the final four.


Ryan | 31 | Pro Sports Trainer

Trains child athletes, loves being active, his running partner is his dog, and he has a charming smile - really, what is not to love about Ryan. Oh, wait, he's also completely adorable when it comes to romantic gestures. When meeting Emily for the first time he reached into his pocket claiming that he made some notes so that he didn't leave anything out. He pulled out a piece of paper with the message "you are so beautiful," scribbled on one side, and the confession "I'm so nervous," on the other. Emily ate it up, and so did we.

Chris | 25 | Corporate Sales Director

Emily's reaction after each of the men's introductions all played out very similarly. But after meeting Chris for the first time, Emily turned around and mentioned that he was cute as she watched him walk away. A more memorable moment though, is the gift that he gave to her later on that night: a bobblehead replica of each of them. The gesture could have been received negatively (it was pretty strange), but, Emily loved it and even made the bobbleheads kiss when discussing her first impressions privately with the camera.

Jef | 27 | Entrepreneur

Sitting as the CEO of his bottled water company, Jef is not just your typical entrepreneur, some proceeds from his company are donated to funding clean water supplies around the world. He made a memorable entrance as he was pulled in behind the limo on his skateboard, a first impression that worked exactly how he wanted it to: Emily's was thrilled by how it showed the fun-loving and easy going side of his personality.

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