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"Tropical breeze, exciting victory, always Fabio," Fabio Lanzoni says in one of the new Old Spice ads. Remember him? Fabio sparkled on the covers of romance novels in the 80s and 90s. Now, the 50-year-old Italian model is back, and he's blonder than ever.

In the newly released ads, Isaiah Mustafa, main character of the Old Spice commercial series and ex-NFL player, is nowhere to be seen. His Twitter page includes an Old Spice photo. The page says that he's "on a horse" and "breathing deep." Old Spice style.

Fabio, on the other hand, continues to add to his resume that's as long as his hair with his new gig as the new Old Spice guy. And it's already making headlines.

AdAge titled its article, saying, "Scandal! Did Old Spice Bench Mustafa for a White Guy Well Past His Prime?"

"Fabio Is a Creepy Old Spice Guy," The Blemish put as its title.

In the hair ad, Fabio is in the tropics where life seems to be a breeze and mellow Hawaiian music gently plays in the background. He holds a miniature sandcastle in the palm of his hand. While the clip has gotten more dislikes than likes, the online world is abuzz.

"Why would they even replace Mustafa???? I hope he moved on to something better and thats why they had to get Fabio. The Rolling on the piano just doesn't look very smooth :-\," commented JROCPennegan on YouTube.

The Procter & Gamble Co. spokesperson Mike Norton told NewAd that "Fabio has not replaced Isaiah, but it's obvious Fabio feels that he can do the job."

In another Old Spice clip, Fabio rolls around on a piano, offering babes a whiff of his Komodo. His hair is shorter, but still perfect.

"Mustafa was cool and hot at the same time. Fabio is neither. Mustafaknew he was in on the joke. Fabio doesn't realize he IS the joke. Major misstep," wrote Tom Siebert, vice president, in the comments section of the NewAd article.

"Isaiah Mustafa probably isn't losing any sleep over the threat of a 'new Old Spice guy,' even if it is literary beefcake and fake-butter pitchman Fabio," said AdWeek.

According to Mashable, it is not yet known whether Fabio will be replacing Isaiah Mustafa, and whether Fabio will be making a TV appearance any time soon.

On Twitter, Mustafa has 59,542 followers while Fabio has 75.

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