Justin Bieber goes fishing

Photos sourced from Justin Bieber's Twitter account

Justin Bieber went fishing yesterday.

"Good day for fishing," tweeted Bieber.

Almost as soon as the 17-year-old hair-flipper announced his plans on Twitter, his fans lost themselves in daydreams about his trip.

"I should go fishing with @justinbieber some time. Although i bet he'd totally own me at it. Haha," Andrew Restan joked.

Super fan Elaine Brown decided to go too, writing:

"Best way to end a fun day at the lake fishing, is laying down and watching #NSN . @justinbieber can't help but smile :)."

Although Bieber's hat said, 'Obey,' his fish did not:

"Their not biting I'm pissed lol," Bieber tweeted.

Dissapointed Biebs learns the hard truths about fishing first hand

So JB can't catch fish.

But he can collect followers. Bieber snagged so many fans that he finally hit the 10 million mark on Twitter, putting him on par with Lady Gaga.

"10 Million and growing...and everyday I will make the effort to show appreciation. #neverchanging #ILOVEMYFANS."

He currently has 10,094,905 followers.

Can he beat Lady G's 10,599,013?


Now his fans hope he creeps them back:

"Maybe #SOMEDAY ill wake up to an email that says ' @justinbieber is now following you' #NEVERSAYNEVER 20," expressed JazLuvsJB.

"@justinbieber is creeepin' I want him to follow me! #neversaynever," said CarlielovesCar.

"Its creepy how @justinbieber CrEeeeps so much... But its normal," said Dont4GetMee.

"@justinbieber if only justin would read this tweet. It would mean the world to me. ): <3," wrote another Bieber-enthusiast bapxoxo.

"@justinbieber who knew a kid from a small town could be singing all around the world?! :) never say never! hope you'll follow me one day.4," questioned Twelieber28.

@justinbieber is going to follow me tonight. he just is. #NEVERSAYNEVER. ♥ 48," said BieberObsesssed Christina Bieber.

"@justinbieber Just to let you know..US BELIEBERS ARE HARD CORE <3," said itstayyahh.

So how was fishing?

"I caught some small ones. :) @KennyHamilton is gonna cook em lol," Bieber finally updated his admirers.

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