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Comedian Darcy Michael thinner, gayer and funny as hell in "One Skinny Bitch": interview

Canadian comedian Darcy Michael whips out his new DVD, "One Skinny Bitch" on an unsuspecting public.

It's a good time for Canadian comedian Darcy Michael. Fresh off the taping of his new comedy talk show "The Skinny", which featured guests the likes of Alan Thicke, David Steinberg and Caroline Rhea, he has just released his latest DVD, "One Skinny Bitch", into the wild. 
Modelled after the success of his American counterparts Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan and Aziz Ansari, Darcy released One Skinny Bitch as a three-dollar direct download. Produced by Timshel Productions in collaboration with Toofar TV, Darcy tackles topics as diverse as failing to quit smoking, successfully losing weight, beating cancer and his home life as a gay married father in small town B.C.
As the co-creator of TooFar TV, a comedy hub that showcases Canadian comics, I got to sit down with Darcy over coffee in the West End to discuss his latest offering.

RL: I haven't seen you in over a year.  Man, you must have lost 100 pounds?  And no beard?  Are you still gay?

DM: Are you kidding? I'm pretty sure for every 10 lbs I've lost, I've gotten gayer. For 30 years I never carried a purse; now I have a collection of them. I tell people it's my rape kit though, so it's a little more butch....but in actuality, it's just holding my knitting.
RL: You have always been a fan favourite at Toofar, but that's cause you were a big, burly, stoner, bear. I'm not sure I can like you anymore.

DM: Hey, I'm still the same ol' happy-go-lucky stoner with a taste for the men....the only difference is this time around I'm not wheezing while I talk about my feelings. So, yes, you still like me and we both fucking know it and now you should be happier 'cause I'm not gonna die at 33...(fingers crossed)
RL: So, you're first to the scene in Canada with your direct download? What does that mean for you and for other comics who want to be just like Darcy?

DM: I am the first Canadian to copy Louis CK -- I don't get any credit for the idea, it's all Louis -- but yeah, we beat all the others to the punch but that's not terribly surprising knowing how lazy we are in general.
I think it's a really exciting time in our industry and any arts for that matter -- Louis proved that an artist can make money on the internet and can do it without a label attached. Meaning that by cutting out the middle man, projects and specials are more affordable than the usual $29.99 fee. It's great, now quit fucking reading this and go buy mine:  I'm out of weed.

RL: What is the state of stand-up comedy in this city? country?

DM: I think stand up is one of the simplest forms of entertainment, and people will always crave simple. Vancouver is a great training ground for new material because of the diversity in the city.  As for the state of comedy in the country? I think we are the funniest breed of comedians around -- Canadians in general are hilarious around the world.

RL: Do you plan on sticking around Vancouver? Or are you going to leave us for LA too? 

DM: My husband and daughter are both locked into their lives in Vancouver and I would never consider moving them. I'll always go where the work is, but I'm Canadian through and through: that'll never change. I'll always call Vancouver home.
RL: Lastly.. I'm sure you just left a whole city of people wanting more... so where can we catch you this summer?
DM: Well! It's a good thing you asked -- I have a full six-month cross Canada tour starting this week in Toronto with a few stops in Vancouver along the way. Check out my wicked new website: for specific dates and locations. I'm also filming a new special for the comedy network at Just for Laughs this summer in Montreal so if any of your readers have an income, they should come. 

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