On the upper sports field behind St. George’s Junior School, 100 boys took to the grassy field with British flags in hand.

Vancouver celebrated 100 days to London 2012 Olympics with a 100-metre sprint held by British Consul General in Vancouver Alex Budden and Olympic ski cross gold medalist Ashleigh McIvor who participated in the race.

2012 Summer Games in London 100 day countdown marked by athletes Alex Budden and Ashleigh McIvor

The Whistler-native
showed off her gold badge.
"I feel like people can't recognize me without it," she said, slipping on the medal. "This is my cell phone."

Budden boasted about the event taking place at his son's school, an obvious place to hold the 100-day run up to the 2012 Summer Olympics, as St. George is the patron saint of England, St George's Cross an emblem part of the British flag.

"I think it's wonderful to do this in Vancouver on behalf of Canada. I mean, it's such a close relationship to Vancouver's 2010 Winter Games. The weather is very similar," said Budden, noting the earlier downpour.

Though McIvor is currently nursing a knee injury she landed just over a year ago at the X Games, she proudly represented Canada during the afternoon competition.

"It's my second time hurting this knee, so it's just taking a little bit longer than it normally would. I've been working really hard with our physiotherapists and our trainers and just trying to get back to being race-ready."

Still, it was impossible to tell from the beam on her face that she was running on one good foot. In jeans and a hoody that screamed "CANADA", McIvor high-fived her fellow competitors and fervently signed their flags.