The most extreme way to banish cellulite

After a recent sparring session, I gawked at the knotty, tangled mess that had once counted as a hair ‘style’ and reluctantly acknowledged that the luxury of looking good has been sadly absent from my life for the past few weeks. Even at the best of times it’s debatable whether I, with my amateur hair skills, can pull off trendy and tousled looks, but evidently I do dishevelment with ease.

Who needs a Halloween costume when you can go three rounds and get the look for free?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not entirely cast aside femininity, skirts or high heels in exchange for biceps, triceps and boxing gloves, it’s just that I seem to spend so much time sweating it out in short shorts that the increasingly rare routine of slicking on mascara and slapping on some luscious lippy is gathering dust along with the rest of my girlie charms.

But thanks to the well-entrenched pre-fight ritual of cutting weight, among this crumpled, rumpled routine of mess hides the holy grail of good looks. This short-lived lesson in extreme clean-living has the potential to leave your skin glowing and your body looking leaner and more toned than you ever dared desire! (It’s also an all-consuming and welcome distraction from the amateur clash of local fists around the corner.)

As my Mum once remarked though, “It all seems like rather an extreme way to go about losing some cellulite.” I guess she’s got a point. As far as banishing bumps and dimples go, it’s definitely up there with ‘unique methods’. But even if this option does come with the occasional black eye, bruise or physical injury I’d be willing to take the gamble that it knocks the socks off any magical cream, potion or lotion out there.

So is exercising hard and eating well really the ultimate answer we’ve all been seeking in our quest for cellulite destruction? I’m no expert and certainly can’t comment beyond personal experience, but ladies if this turns out to be true, if this is all it takes, it’s time to don some gloves and show those bumps who’s boss!

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

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