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Toward an Inclusive Canadian Society: Schools Are a Good Place to Start

On the eve of of the Paralympic opening ceremony in Vancouver, it's worth reflecting on how inclusive we want our society to be.

Are Alberta-Style Charter Schools Coming to BC?

After the March 2nd BC budget presentation, school trustees say the announced funding increases for education will "go a significant distance" toward covering the financial commitments of school...

High Schoolers Know They'll Be Paying For The Games For Years To Come

As I breezed by a hoodie-clad crew in a West Side Vancouver high school hallway on Friday, the opening day of the Olympics, here's what one guy was saying to his buddies:  "Do you guys...

Parent Group Launches Campaign for Reinstatement of Annual Facilities Grant to School Districts

VANCOUVER – Canadian Parents for French - BC & Yukon Branch launched a campaign among its 9000+ membership this week calling for the immediate reinstatement of the Annual Facilities Grant, which...

Proposed Cuts to French Immersion in Northern BC Communities Could Affect More Than Just the Students

A parent group says losing French Immersion programs in their Northern BC school district could cause fewer Southern-trained professionals to move Northward with their families, thus weakening communi

Abracadabra: Screen Time Can Be Part of Teaching Kids to Read

Children don't learn to read and write the way they learn to kick and crawl - there's some hard work involved, whether they know it or not. Parents and teachers have to invest hours and hours of time...

Richmond School to Become a Campbell-Endorsed ‘Neighborhood of Learning’ Centre

A Richmond school that is being replaced with a seismically-sound new building is set to become a Neighborhood of Learning Centre, Richmond MLAs announced recently. The new Samuel Brighouse...

Children's Book Review: My Mouth is a Volcano

Julia Cook's engaging story teaches primary kids not to interrupt

Moonjar Canada Partners with Educators to Support Children’s Financial Literacy

Give a child a five dollar bill, and she’ll spend it all on liquorice and ring pops, right? Maybe not after she’s learned about Moonjar. The Moonjar educational program, started in Seattle and...
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