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Teachers gear up for full day kindergarten

The theme of full day kindergarten: more play, fewer worksheets...

Hearing loss: a growing teen affliction

As if parents don't already have enough reasons to worry about their teens, a recent study has found that one adolescent problem is growing at an alarming rate: hearing loss.

Combining BC school districts will not benefit communities or students

Let's examine the ongoing discussion about amalgamating school districts, including the notion of a single centralized province wide and province run school district.    Education historian...

A matter of pride for VSB trustee

As a school trustee on the Vancouver School Board I was proud to be associated with the PRIDE 2010 themes of Celebrate, Liberate, and Educate. The VSB entry, a decorated old school bus, in the PRIDE...

Report calls for First Nations control of First Nations education

Winnipeg (MB) – This month, Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo and First Nations Chiefs and delegates from across Canada confirmed a new comprehensive plan to...

'Don't ban sign language' says Deaf community at Vancouver Congress

Thunderous applause greeted a history-making statement that officially rejected the of sign languages being banned from educational programs for deaf students

Independent centre aims to fill service gaps for those with special needs

The Down Syndrome Research Foundation's newly re-branded "Centre for Specialized Learning" all started with a physiotherapist who became frustrated when she sent a boy with Down Syndrome to get his ey

Elected school boards beat the alternative

If you like the way your regional health authority board is working, the government’s review of the Vancouver school district will please you, writes Paul Willcocks in this guest editorial. ...

School's out for summer...except in schools with a "balanced calendar"

Some students are still in school these hot July days - but are they really that unlucky?

VSB approves budget, releases school closures list

Vancouver School Board (VSB) finalized its budget for next year - for better or for worse.
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