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Red Couch Report

Family Guy death sparks confusion and fan outcry

Since Sunday's bombshell, fans have flooded the internet with outrage, grief, hoaxes, and petitions. Is it a publicity stunt or the beginning of the end for MacFarlane's animated empire?

Apocalypse dinners begin with most neglected foods

When the world inevitably ends and society crumbles, you are going to need a plan. Part 1 of that plan is strategic looting.

Satire: CNN’s JFK coverage provides a lesson for the CBC

Late last week, a ridiculous bombshell dropped in the news. John Kerry announced that he has “doubts” that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Finally, an American who is willing to stand up and declare “...

Jaguars are the zombie’s natural predator

According to naturalist David Mizejewski, the zombie invasion is doomed to fail. In this sense, Mizejewski is an apocalypse denier. A radical voice for sure, but at least it is a voice informed by...

Proof that zombies can smell

In a zombie apocalypse, it is only natural to think of guns, swords, or pointed sticks as your most powerful weapons against the shambling hordes of walking dead. But there is one weapon of equal, if...

Asteroid apocalypse tomato soup

If you lose sleep wondering what you will ever do for soup after the end of civilization, worry no more. This soup is a nice, basic recipe that pairs well with any cataclysm.

Asteroid apocalypse presents unique culinary challenges

A run-down of 5 Asteroid Apocalypse Culinary Quandaries and suggested recipes and solutions.

Senators continue Canadian push for stupidity award

Earlier this year, I suggested that we need a World Cup of Stupidity. Shortly thereafter, the new twenty-dollar bills came out and Canada was off to an early lead. Since then, the race has tightened...

2013 year of the aliens

It's not all Klingons and Daleks any more. Today's alien invader prefers a more subtle approach.

Don't complain about your perfect life

Recently, a woman wrote to Salon for advice under the pseudonym Mom of Three. Her children are healthy, her marriage is happy, and she has a good job. So what’s her problem? I’ll let...
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