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Hold the Kleenex. Buyers' market a good thing.

The press is all over the fact that the housing market is cooling. September sales were down and the listings were up. The telltale sign of a buyer's market coming in. Hold the Kleenex––this is a...

Vancouver September real estate stats: buyers' revenge

Vancouver September real estate stats are out. Time for payback.

So, where do these people live?

We all live somewhere.

Vancouver real estate: new mortgage regulations slow sales

Better get your credit house in order first, before you look for a real house.

Vancouver real estate: aging boomers cash out

When the Guinness family built the Lions Gate Bridge to connect their British Properties in West Vancouver with downtown at the height of the Great Depression, it was almost an act of desperation....

Vancouver real estate: like selling a couch on Craigslist

Waiting for home prices to go up on Vancouver's West Side?

The most important real estate advice for 2012-2013

You need to do one thing really well. Here's what it is...

BC mortgage brokers and realtors breathe a sigh of relief

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial institutions (OSFI) has reversed its proposed amendment to require borrowers to re-qualify for their mortgages at renewal. This decision is welcome...

BC's new home ownership measures helpful, but not for everyone

Home ownership in BC has been out of reach for many. The government has introduced measures to help. But will they help you afford a new home?

Recreational real estate: creating your own "affordable" waterfront home

Recently, the government introduced HST easing measures aimed at transitioning the HST to the GST/PST. One of those initiatives is a rebate of up to $42,000  if you buy a secondary piece of real...
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