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How to promote a blog

Promoting is all about creating strong relationships, whether online or in person. Although nothing can replace the value of a face to face encounter, social networking allows people to form connections in a way nothing else ever has.   

How to use online media and social networking tools

First ask yourself: is the article or blog sufficiently tagged for Search Engine Optimization?

  1. go through article, pull out all the names/places/people
  2. helping a robot understand what the content is

Second, is the piece sufficiently linked?

  1. When you link you are curating for a wide audience
  2. You are providing other resources that provide context for the topic
  3. To link effectively spend a few minutes googling the key words in the articles (which should also be tags)
  4. Link to sites that are credible, provide relevant information to your piece and have the highest page ranking
  5. If you 'cheat' Google won't trust your links, so be real.
  6. Link to your previous articles in your blog, on the VO link to other pieces by you or on the same topic.
  7. Keep people engaged with the site, give them directions to other parts of the site
  8. Link excerpts from other relevant articles or blogs

Third, is the headline right?

  1. if its too long, Google will ignore it
  2. Be sure the biggest key words are in the headline (also tagged and linked)
  3. Writing online headlines takes exceptional creativity b/c you must answer a question for the search engine in the headline AND write a punchy, accurate, engaging, headline that makes readers want to read the story
  4. Must reflect what is actually in the story, the headline should tell the whole story, if possible
  5. Really different than a title of a book/traditional newspaper

The Basics/The Essentials (social networking)

Create accounts on all of these sites to be an effective social networker:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. StumbleUpon
  4. Reddit
  5. Digg
  6. YouTube
  7. Tumblr
  8. Flickr

Best "most obvious" tip is also easiest to forget: 

9. Write an email w/a link to your own mailing list saying this is something you should read

Never forget your own friend networks.  

But only promote to them with  a piece that you really feel passionate about or that you are certain has value to them.  There's a fine line between promoting and spamming. It's hard to articulate but easy to feel.

 We'll get into the details of how to most effectively use each site later.

 The intermediate level of social networking (taking it further)

Explore what niche social networking sites apply to your work.  Example: Our Dimensions blogger posts links to her stories on

See video

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