Interview with Courier, VO at Junos

 Being on the other side of the interview is an illuminating experience for a journalist.  Tell me about yourself.  Tell me anything I ask.   Tell me everything.

Over the phone, never having met the person, it's impossible to gauge if you're even making sense. 

But Cheryl Rossi, of the Vancouver Courier, managed to do a brilliant job in her story this morning of making sense of a complex story: mine.  Well, not just mine.  Mine and the numerous people I mentioned or profiled in my book, Why I Love Vancouver.  

Cheryl got me talking about what it was like for me in high school in Chattanooga, Tennessee (only Jewish kid in a sea of fundamentalist Christians), and what regrets I had about book (that I didn't put in my interview with Suzanne Anton.)   

I also got to experience what it's like when the publication turns the photograph on you.  Dan Toulgoet, who said he has been with the Courier for eight years, couldn't have been nicer.  But when you've got lights shining on your face and he's telling you to look at a wall and smile....challenging.  I'm so grateful that Dan not only made me look good in the Courier. He made me look great.  Dan, if you are reading this:  thank you.

Bob Kronbauer, executive director of Vancouver is Awesome, came by this morning to pick up some extra copies of the book. It was really fun meeting Bob and hearing about how he manages his website.  Also getting to hear some of his personal history.  Skateboarder, new dad, former resident of LA.  Culture-lover. 

It's been a great week at VO.  Kwantlen University journalism intern Kimberley Ytsma started work last week and has been turning out great stories.  With a focus on Olympics-follow up, she is also doing general assignment reporting.

Thanks to BoldLove communications publicist and filmmaker Kei Baritugo's passion for music and the artists who make it, VO is going to the Junos in St. Johns, Newfoundland next month. Kei has started rounding up sponsors and is offering fantastic placements on her twice daily video posts during the nine-days of the awards week.  Leaside Manor Suites and Apartments:  signed up and is putting up Kei and another (tba) reporter. It looks like a gorgeous place and, if I ever go to Newfoundland, (and I plan to), please book me a room at the Leaside.  I'm looking forward to experiencing the Junos and Newfoundland through Kei's posts.





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