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Prime Minister Stephen Harper Becomes Passionate Discussing Dark Side of Marijuana on YouTube

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper answered questions---some submitted on YouTube via videos---one by a Canadian at home in her kitchen, one in front of his computer, and one angry with the PM about his position on child care.  Harper defended the budget, reiterated a commitment to spending on AIDS research, and expounded on his position on Afghanistan, climate change, and  reforming the Senate in a calm, almost bored manner.

But the question that enflamed the Prime Minister's passion and seemed to wake him up was a question about decriminalizing marijuana. This question got the most votes by Canadians who were invited by the PM's office to vote on YouTube on the questions they hoped Harper would discuss.

"I have to say...young children...they are at the age where they will come into contact with drug use," Harper began.  "This is the last thing I want to see for my kids or anyone else's children.  I understand people defend the use of drugs but that said, I think I've been very fortunate to live a drug-free life and I don't think I've met very many people who've lived a drug-free life and regret it...When people say focus on violent crime, instead of drugs...and yeah, there are lots of crimes that are worse than casual use of marijuana, but when people buy from the drug trade they are buying from international cartels that are involved in unimaginable violence...across the world. I just wish people would understand that...I know some people say if you just legalized it you'd get the money and all would be well...the reason drugs are illegal is because they are bad."  The answer went on...

Although the forty-minute plus interview covered a wide range of topics, commentary on YouTube following the Prime Minister's presentation focused on his comments on cannabis.

ThatItalianGuyTIG said: "Drugs are illegal because they are bad." - Stephen Harper (brand new quote)
I hate to see a Leader of one of the big free country's of the modern world have such horrible circular logic. "Illegal drugs fuel Illegal drug trade which fuels violence." He used this as an argument AGAINST LEGALIZATION. How you come to that conclusion is ridiculous. Stop Drug Cartels, begin legalization.
grampie09 said:
This video should be called "Howq not to answer questions- and look ignorant doing it. Wouldn't it be great to have a prime Minister who doesn't just spit rhetoric, but uses his brain to think?
He failed the cannabis question. Oh Jesus.
Kids and dependence for THIS DRUG? wtf. LOL.
tototv11 said:
grab your torches and pitchforks, it's time to start the revolution.
kaetherd said simply:

And yourstrulydjc said:

These questions are the worst, does anyone know if they were actually in the top 25?
ame99100 had only one word to describe the Prime Minister's performance:

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