Women We Think About and Women Who Make Us Think and Women We'd Rather Not Think About But Must

It's International Women's Day and I'll take this occasion to mention some of year's last she-roes and anti-she-roes, starting with the Canadian Women's Hockey Team.  Girls with hockey sticks at the Olympics. That's a ground breaker no matter how you hit the puck.  But this team pushed it over the top with their party on ice.  Loved the photograph of the young women smoking cigars after their Olympic victory.  Iconic.  Canada should be proud, and I'm not kidding.

A black WOMAN  one of the richest people in America? Unthinkable when I was a child. Well, Oprah announced she was ending this phase of her career and filming her last segments of the Oprah Winfrey Show.  I want to take this moment to say, "thanks Oprah for what you've done with your life.  You've broken barrier after barrier and we've all been watching."

Who do you look at when you're going through the check out line with your groceries?  Who do you think about?  How about that Angelina Jolie? Whether she's adopting a kid, making out with a girlfriend or championing a cause, she may be the woman we think about most, whether we want to or not. That's okay with me.  She's a good role model.  She got rich from making movies and used it to set an example of philanthropy.  She has had the longest run as a tabloid star of maybe anybody in history and most of it's been good news.  Okay, with Brad's beard and gossipy innuendos surrounding Jen and Brad, Angelina's story has soured some of late, but still.  She's real, like the rest of us and let's hand it to Angelina.  She outdid her old man and he was a superstar.  Rock on, Angelina. You haven't hit your stride.

Hillary Clinton, you ultimate survivor, you almost made it all the way.  Your example inspired billions of girls on the planet Earth.   I  wish you hadn't ended up in a position with the title "Secretary," but if you had to go there, at least you got the top job. "First I was afraid, I was petrified..." Sing it!

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