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CBC's Mark Forsythe Asks Me Why I Love Vancouver and Why Canadians Love Stephen Colbert

Mark Forsythe and me, in a CBC studio, during a our taping for BC Almanac in a photograph through a window by Meghan Strain

CBC's Mark Forsythe (pictured below)  interviewed me yesterday for a segment that will be airing on BC Almanac about my book, Why I Love Vancouver.  He asked the obvious question: "Linda,  why do you love Vancouver?"

I thought, "avoid cliches," but...B.C. AlmanacI found myself reverting to the mountains, the air, how incredible it was to come here right after 9/11.  How fresh the air felt in my lungs after the toxicity of New York at that time.  Mark looked underwhelmed.

Then we talked about bat bites, and the Canadian health care system and Gregor Robertson. 

Eventually, the conversation came around to Stephen Colbert.

Mark asked why I thought Canadians were so in love with Colbert. I had to scratch my head a little over that. I didn't feel like a Colbert-expert or like I really KNEW the answer to this question. But since I was taping for radio  I went ahead and speculated like a resident talking head and said it might be because  Canadians like Colbert's attention. 

He asked if I thought Canada didn't get enough attention. 

Probably not quite enough, I said.

And to be called an "ice-hole...," I added.  Who could resist?

Unfortunately, the interview had to come to a close and VO assistant publisher Meghan Strain and I left the CBC's  modern, spacious, and illuminated new building.  Outside,  there was a hilarious show going on in front of the Bread Garden involving a comedian and a collapsing polar bear.


Not sure when the interview airs on BC Almanac, but Mark said he'd give me a heads up.

In other "Why I Love Vancouver" news...

Blackberry Books on Granville Island is carrying the book. I went by the other day and saw it in their window.  They told me that they hadn't sold one book that day that wasn't related to the Olympics.  They said the book would do better in the summer when people who have come specifically to see Vancouver are roving the island. They said they'd have me do a book signing  there then.  I'm looking forward to sitting outside of Blackberry Books with a pen and a megaphone.

About that photo at the top, Photographer Yukiko Onley snapped it with her small digital camera of my son, Eli, watching me with a skeptical look on his face, the kind of look only a 13-year-old can have, at my book launch party at Elysian Coffee. She sent it to me this morning and I liked it so much I wrote this entire story just so I'd have an excuse to post it. I really miss my kids.  They'll be back from Cortes Island on Sunday where they've been running free like country boys.

After the Olympics are over, I'll be going around town for more book signing parties. 

I also have a giant stack of book marks to help promote the book and Karen Henrich of ChicWalks is handing them out as she promotes businesses all over Vancouver.  She's featured in my chapter in the book called:  "Her app is the new black..."  And it is.  Check her out.  Her app has been featured by Apple as a top app for the last week and is a huge success. It gets you around town to all of the hot shopping spots, providing maps and telling you where you can drop in for a coffee or a bite to eat along the way.  More on what she's doing in the book, which you can order here.

If you're running low on book marks, you know who to call.

Now, back to the Olympics....

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