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The birth of spring: Your numerology cycles for March 16 to 31

Equal dark, equal light Flow in Circle, deep insight Blessed be, Blessed be The transformation of energy! So it flows, out it goes Three-fold back it shall be. Blessed be, Blessed be The...

How you should communicate: Your numerology cycles for March 1 to 15

VO March 2013. How you should communicate: Your numerology cycles for March 1 to 15 “Then you should say what you mean,” the March Hare went on.

Done with winter: Your numerology cycles for February 1 to 13

It's the month of love, hearts, lace and poetry: find out what February has in store for you.

Dealing with difficult times: Your numerology cycles for January 16–31

A Buddhist teacher once said it is as difficult for his soul to attain human incarnation as it is for a turtle come up in the middle of the Atlantic with his head through a lifesaver. To find out...

Welcome to the next chapter in the book of your life: Your numerology cycles for January 1-15, 2013

Happy New Cycle Year! This is a time for wishing everyone a happy New Year. And for a numerologist, it is also appropriate to wish a happy New Cycle Year. On January 1, everyone shifted into the next...

’Tis the season: Your numerology cycles for December 16–31

’Tis the season. Whether you are feeling jolly or not, it is here. It is the darkest time of the year and the brightest at the same time. The holiday season brings joy and lots of other emotions....

Allow your inner child to write to Santa: your numerology cycles for December 1–15

How did it get so late so soon? It’s December. Whatever cycle year you have been inhabiting throughout 2012 is almost over. The beginning of January marks the beginning of a whole new chapter of your...

No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds: Your numerology cycles for November 15-30

What's your fortune for November? Find out with Cassandra's numerology cycles.

Creepy month: your numerology cycles for October 16–31

The second half of October, with its red, golden and brown backdrop, is the perfect stage for creepy Halloween. Dog walking in the now-early dark is fraught with the possibility of skunk and raccoon...

Your perfect Halloween mask: Your numerology cycles for October 1–15

What's in store for your number this October?
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