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Your numerology cycles: What to expect in 2020

This month, instead of the usual two-part cycle forecast, I have done an overall view of what to expect in the coming cycle year for each key number.       

There is a shift in energy in the fall of each year.

I like to think that cycles are not tsunamis. Instead, they are a bit like the tide gradually coming in.

Each new cycle year’s energy begins to slowly but surely overtake the existing cycle in the fall of the year.

By January 1, the new cycle energy is well-established. Welcome to the next chapter of your life!


Remember: calculate your personal cycle by adding the month and day of your birth, and the universal year (this year the universal year for the world is 4) – adding it all together and reducing it to one number which is the KEY to your personal cycle. The key to your personal cycles is not the same as your life path number.


Key Number 1

Because we start to feel the effect of the next cycle year in the fall of the previous year, you may have already noticed a shift in energy and events around you.

2019 was a test cycle for you. And, you may have felt a necessity to be a little bit fussier than usual, or at the very least, felt a strong urge to put everything in order. You may not have succeeded spectacularly with the order urge, since the year brought many tests which you had to work through.

2020 is different for you.

In this cycle energy, freedom is the key. You may be able to travel, have an urge to travel, or at the very least break your usual routine.

You may be surprised at how flexible you feel in situations where you would usually be a bit cautious. In this cycle year’s energy, you are more likely to let go of old things and make room for new ideas and even new strategies or reactions.

The advice for this cycle is to welcome new situations, places and even people into your life.

This is a year to make progress. Whether you have a business of your own or work for someone else, it’s best to bring new ideas or develop new strategies for dealing with your work life.

Be sure to advertise your strengths. This is not a year to be a wallflower! This is a cycle year in which you are more likely to take risks.

A word of caution: You are likely to feel restless, but it is best to focus your energy on learning new things and developing new habits rather than colouring outside the lines.

Also—avoid scattering your energies to widely. You are very adaptable under this cycle energy, but it is best to use that adaptability to keep the balance between risk and new developments. You may want to do many things that are outside of your usual way of dealing with life. You’re welcome to do a variety of things, but be sure that they are actions which will be useful in the future.

If you have been in a rut, this is the time to climb out.


Key Number 2

You may notice you have more responsibility on your shoulders since October or November of last year.

You will be needed in many situations and may be called upon to help those in your personal circle, including family and friends.

This cycle year is a year when must be of service to others. And you will enjoy being surrounded by family and domestic life. This cycle year’s energy is very much about love, family and home. If you make yourself available, you will probably be surrounded by love and friendship.

Remember to do what you do thoroughly and conscientiously. Finishing anything you start will give you surprising satisfaction.

You may be surprised to find you are a homebody. Not bored, but pleased to do the small. Energy moves a bit more slowly and it may seem as if not much is happening, but karma is working behind the scenes.

This is a wonderful year for personal relationships. As an old numerologist once said, “a fine and friendly influence for marriage and home.”


Key Number 3

Florence Campbell, my favourite old numerologist once said, “This is the year for the spiritual hand to sit upon her nest.”

Last year, for you, was very much the year of being a helper and paying attention to domestic situations.

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