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Your numerology cycles September 16–30

Photography by likeaduck.

Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. The key number is not your life path number, it is the key to your cycle.  Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your key number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.



Key Number 1

The pressure is on.

In the second half of this cycle month there will be pressure to change, reinvent, take risks, and start something new. Please, heed these healthy urges.

Remember, you have not had an opportunity like this for a very long time. Take a broom to your mental house, and sweep vestiges of insecurity and uncertainty right out of the top of your head.

Allow the positive You to create new patterns and take control of creating new intentions in your life.


Key Number 2

Be the resident diplomat. 

In the second half of this cycle month's  energy, your role is not only to make peace, but to keep the peace in your home or whatever environment you find yourself. You will continue to feel sensitive, so it's important to temper your feelings and not create any kind of uproar.

Be quiet and watchful.

Although this cycle energy is all about making peace for others, you may find your inner voices a little agitated.

Just know your inner life is rearranging itself. Allow your unconscious to do what it does best without interference.

Work on capturing the meaning of your dreams.

Your communication skills are sharper than they have been for a long time. Use your ability to communicate to best advantage.


Key Number 3

Create and communicate.

You may notice that this cycle month is the most creative and perhaps the most communicative you have experienced for a long time.

Creativity does not always take the form of art, at least not finished art.

Creative idea-producing and problem-solving are the fundamental expressions of creativity as much as painting, writing or any creative endeavor.

Create art, create fun for others or create solutions to life's problems. It is all creativity and it flows like a river under this cycle energy.

Drink heartily!


Key Number 4

Work, work and more work.

The second half of this cycle month continues to be about organization, creating a firm foundation, and hard work.

Just to make it a little more interesting, there will be a few emotional tests, most likely with loved ones, that you must navigate.

This is a test cycle energy and it is intensified in our relationships, with all people, especially those closest to us.

The upside is a natural inclination to organize our lives and our environment. Follow that inclination.


Key Number 5

Think before you speak.

In the second half of the month it is very important to remember to filter.

This cycle energy is about speed, productivity, and also, sadly, sometimes, sharp observation of other humans resulting in criticism.

Shooting from the hip in this cycle month may bring disaster for friendships, or loved ones.

Take advantage of enhanced focused vision to find solutions.

Where you find problems with someone's behaviour or work, it's best to cogitate before commenting.


Key Number 6

Stay close to your own fireside.

Though this cycle month focuses on caring for others, it's also about looking after yourself. You can best do that, this month, by staying close to home.

The demands of others, and the need to be of service which is more intense than it has been for several months, can cause you to overdo in the service of others.

Apply some of this lovely energy to making your own environment comfortable and cozy, for you.

This cycle month energy leans strongly towards your creative artistic side, so give your inner artist a chance, even if it's only a doodle.


Key Number 7

Humour your inner hermit.

The second half of the month continues to be introspective. Moody? A little confused?

Perhaps all of the above.

This, the most intense cycle month of the year, especially for you, can be a little confusing.

It's not a time to take your inner child out to play, or to be very social, or toot your own horn.

It is a time to take your inner hermit seriously, however.

This whole year has been designed for introspection. If you have been too social, you will have missed some very important insights.

Grab this cycle month energy before it begins to dissipate.


Key Number 8

Harvest karma.

In the second half of the month it will be even clearer that you are harvesting what you have sown in your life over the last eight years. This is a very powerful and potentially successful cycle energy.

Take risks, ask for what you want, be the most powerful aspect you can find within yourself.

This is harvest karma. No matter how you use it – the energy of the cycle – it will have a strong effect on the people around you.

So – use it carefully, use it well, be responsible, but don't hold back.


Key Number 9

The second half of this month brings a great deal of creativity to the surface.

Also, perhaps some confusion and restlessness.

This intense energy continues to be focused on assessing what is useful in your present situation and what you can leave behind.

Take a long look at who is in your life, and what is in your life.

The people who support you without question are the most helpful. Those who drain your energy can be re-categorized so they do not have so much power.

A ruthlessly honest evaluation of what's happening in your life, and how much you are responsible for the good and the not so good, is now timely.


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