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Your numerology cycles September 1–15

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You may be drawn to have your chart done, buy a self-help book, or generally find a way to walk between the worlds. Of course, you have been pulled in that direction all year. It is the cycle year and month in which it’s important to listen to your intuition.

Be sure to let your loved ones know that you need time to yourself in order to do a thorough reevaluation and take time for quiet introspection.


Key Number 5

Gather the harvest.

It’s harvest time, and you are in a harvest month and of course a harvest year.

You can reasonably expect some completions in this cycle month’s energy. Pay close attention to what crops up in your life as the events of this cycle month are bound to be reflective of hard work you have done during the year.

This cycle energy should bring access to more self-confidence, and give you the opportunity to show how capable you are—especially in career life.

Pay attention to money matters, as financial issues will rise to the forefront. Remember: you can expect positive results where you have planted positive seeds. This is the most intense personal power month you have experienced for nine years.

Make the most of it!


Key Number 6

Keep a low profile.

This cycle month’s energy is about tying up the loose ends of the past and completions. You may be tempted to push forward with new ideas and new projects, but you’re not finished with the energy of this important and complex cycle year.

Now, you have an unusual opportunity to finish karmic debt. That may sound a little unusual, but in fact, this cycle month gives you the opportunity to stare down destructive old habits and banish them.

Get lots of rest and keep your filter in place when communicating with others. The truth will come out, but not all truths are meant to be aired, at least not in anger or in the midst of emotion.

Stay out of the limelight, if you can.


Key Number 7

Confusion and new beginnings.

You may have noticed this year was a bit confusing at times. It is, and has been, the beginning of a new chapter in your life. This cycle month gives you an opportunity to consolidate some of the gains you have made over the last eight months.

It is a time to be strong and decisive and in some cases a bit ruthless.

Under the confusion of this year has rippled a little stream of optimism. Be sure to honour it. Many people find change frightening. This cycle month change can set a whole new flow of energy in motion, and this is a good thing.

Be as strong and decisive as you can manage.

Seeds planted in this cycle month in all aspects of your life can grow into the realization of dreams you have had for a long time.


Key Number 8

You may feel quite sensitive.

This cycle month’s energy tends to be best utilized by keeping your head down. It's likely to be sensitive and it’s a good idea to take things slowly and not be impatient.

Try to stay on an even keel. If you try to push things too hard, you will find yourself being frustrated and not getting anywhere. Be ready to put up with some delays. In this cycle month’s energy, it’s best to let things develop in their own time. Allow as much time as it takes your plans to mature.

If you can, avoid making drastic changes or sharp adjustments in the direction you are following. Take care of details wherever it is necessary.


Key Number 9

Look on the lighter side of life.

This cycle energy of this month is scattered. You may have to work a little harder to stay focused on anything that is important to you including career life.

If you are lucky enough to have less heavy responsibilities this month, you may find yourself taking time to enjoy and appreciate the lighter, more creative energy available to you at this time.

Watch for romantic possibilities if you’re looking for a mate.

Remember to exercise your creative talents, whether in art or dancing or in creative idea producing and problem-solving.

Be sociable.

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