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Your numerology cycles November 1–15

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Use the analytical energy available to you now to set new goals, especially in your emotional and spiritual life. On the material plane it is better to keep a low profile. Crowds, large gatherings and noise will jangle your nerves, so take to your cave and stay quiet.


Key Number 5

Move your projects forward.

Luck will find you. This is true especially if you've worked hard over the last few months. Of all the cycle months, this one is perhaps the strongest and most powerful energy-wise.

Pay special attention to your finances, and avoid throwing them out of balance. Watch for opportunities in career and personal life. This cycle energy is about reaping seeds that were sown especially in the beginning of the year.

You are powerful, but avoid being overly confident. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and stand up for what you believe in.


Key Number 6

The end of a minor cycle.

Hills and valleys of emotion. Tying up the loose ends of the past, and completions, will bring mixed feelings. Be brave in facing what is working for you, and how to enhance it, but also in facing what must be discarded, is the strongest energy of this cycle month.

Look at where you need to rethink your strategies in career life, and also in your communication style. This is a time for renovations, not only in the physical world but on the spiritual plane.

Throw away what is not working for you.


Key Number 7

Watch for new developments.

There may be developments relating to your future in this cycle month. Be open to meeting new people, and listen for new ideas. Some of these ideas will emanate from your own consciousness.

Prepare for some emotional confusion. You finished a minor cycle last month, and now, even though it is almost the end of the year, new ideas and new opportunities will come up in your life.

Developments relating to your career life, or financial life, will be a good indication of the direction your life is taking.


Key Number 8

Keep a low profile.

Don't call attention to yourself or your projects. This is a time to stay in the background. It is also a time to show how cooperative you can be. You may have a natural tendency this month to support others in their projects. And it is a good time to work with others when they require some help.

Emotionally, you will be sensitive, so it's important not to take on too much in the way of stressful activities.

Keep a low profile. Try to stay on an even keel.


Key Number 9 

Do not curb your enthusiasm.

This cycle month’s energy can bring a cheerful and optimistic point of view. This is a time for spending time with friends old and new. If you like, you can have a very active social life. This is also a good time to cultivate romantic possibilities.

Although this is a season for celebration and social life, it's a good idea to keep your superficial or frivolous activities to a reasonable minimum. Be careful not to lose sight of your money matters with all the activity that can happen.

Spend some time improving your appearance. You may enjoy shopping the sales for new or special outfits which express your personality in a way that you have not done before.

Be careful not to scatter your energies too recklessly. Try to complete one project before starting another.

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