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Your numerology cycles May 16–31

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Create an active social life.

Although this may be a time for frivolity, it is also a cycle month for making connections. Look for possibilities for advancement, recognition and perhaps even improve finances.

You may notice a desire to improve your appearance. This is a good time for shopping for new clothes or perhaps to change your hairdo. Pamper yourself.

Take care not to scatter your energies too recklessly. Try to complete one project before starting another. Although social life may be very exciting, make sure not to neglect your various and ongoing projects.


Key Number 6

With all the work you must do, it's easy to feel restricted in this cycle month.

And indeed, this cycle month does come with restrictions. Continuing to focus on what you must do is very important. If you don't manage your affairs properly, there will be problems later.

If you try to evade some of your responsibilities, there's a good chance they'll catch up with you when you least expect it.

It may not be easy, but it will be important to keep your emotions under control in regards to financial matters.

Change your point of view, if you can, to make work more fun and more acceptable. You will feel limited, but you can counteract feelings of limitation in a specific job—or in the whole cycle month—by taking some time off along the way.

This cycle month is very much about the physical body. Take good care of your health. The pressure of this month can cause occasional nervous strain, so it's important to find some ways of relaxing.

Because this is a physical month, it's a time when your sexual attractiveness will be luminous. Take advantage of opportunities in the physical realm.


Key Number 7

Delight in new experiences.

You're likely to have considerable appeal to almost everyone in this cycle month’s energy. It's a time when romance can pop up out of nowhere. But, be careful not to get too involved because affairs or any new association are likely to be short-lived.

Be careful not to overindulge in sensual activities to the extent that you lose track of other opportunities and responsibilities. This is definitely a month in which you are likely to colour outside the lines in many areas of life.

Discipline is not easy when your spirit wants to be wild. However, you must not lose track of your everyday responsibilities or neglect your obligations. There will be a tendency to scatter your energies in all directions.

See if you can find one or two important goals and work towards them.

Plan a trip, even if it only happens your imagination.


Key Number 8

Don't be a doormat.

Although doing service in this cycle month’s energy is irresistible, it's important not to be a doormat.

There's no denying this is an extremely emotional time. If you can express your feelings openly, clearly and in a balanced way, you will probably receive more affection and understanding.

If you're single, you may find yourself involved in some romantic pleasures.

This is a time for settling: settling in your personal life and settling into the direction you most want to take in your career. If you're not sure where you're going in life, this is a good time to seek advice from a wise person.

Business and financial matters are likely to progress a little bit more slowly than you might expect. Be patient.


Key Number 9

Be a hermit.

Be sure to let your family and friends know when you are going off by yourself. It's a time to work on gaining increased understanding and awareness at a deeper level. If you're willing to find the time to search within, you will have a better sense of yourself and a stronger grasp of the workings of your own inner life.

Set some new goals and prepare some plans for your future development on all levels.

This is a time when you are likely to be interested in intellectual pursuits and spiritual awareness.

Be sure to be very clear in your communication with family and friends. If you're not careful, you could easily be misunderstood.

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