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Your numerology cycles May 16–31

Photography by 8 Kome.

Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.


Key Number 1

Listen to your intuition.

You may have noticed this cycle month energy is much more about inner life than outer expression. Perhaps it does not occur for you in exactly those words. You probably don't wake up in the morning saying "I'm going to explore my inner life today," but you will be quieter and more thoughtful, whether you mean to be or not.

This is not the best cycle month for socializing. If you do go out or entertain, best it should be in small groups.

Don't worry. You are not becoming a recluse.

Enjoying your own company, and taking time off from the rat race, it just means that you are in your own cycle zone.

Keep your life as quiet as possible, listen to intuition, being sensitive means that you are very sensitive to this harmonious vibration.

Key Number 2

Financial affairs.

In the second half of the month, it's important to be aware of your financial life. Hold back on spending, even if you are tempted to buy a little, or large, treat for yourself.

This is a very expansive energy, so it's easy to lose sight of practical matters, like your credit card statement.

Don't be overbearing. You may not have noticed that you are a bit more assertive this month. Not everyone will appreciate this. Your brain is likely to be in creative high gear.

Try to stay grounded.


Key Number 3

Use your charisma.

In this cycle energy you are blessed with lots of charisma. Be sure to use this power wisely.

Be honest in your relationships with friends, family and lovers.

Do a ruthless assessment of what feeds you in your life right now, and what does not.

Find the courage to cut aspects of life which are not contributing to your advancement, or peace of mind.

Use your charm to get what you want, but stay in integrity.


Key Number 4

Imagine your life is a garden.

Imagine your life is a garden, and it is spring. You are planting new seeds, only seeds of what you want to grow and harvest in the future.

Create a clear picture of your future and take tiny steps—plant small seeds—towards what you want, and what you want to be to part of in your new life pattern.

Hold fast to what you really believe in, but let go of what has been holding you back.

Fresh new beginnings can be a little confusing, but oh so exciting!


Key Number 5

Cut yourself some slack.

Sometimes when we feel very sensitive, we think we are being weak. This is not true.

In every cycle there comes a time when it’s important to devote our energy to helping others, and to stay in the background ourselves. This is one of those times.

These cycles tempt us to say what we think others might want to hear.
Though it is important to be low-key, in this cycle month energy it's also important to be authentic. So, speak your truth, but speak it quietly and with conviction.

Brush up on your diplomatic skills. Be quiet but be strong.


Key Number 6

You are charming.

Visit people. Spread your charm around. Entertain.

In the second half of the month, you are likely to enjoy entertaining and communicating with others.

Don't forget to do your chores—duty must be fulfilled—but if you take some time to express creatively, you will find a great deal of satisfaction.

Remember, creativity is not limited to artistic expression. Creative idea production and problem-solving are at the root of everything that is created.

One little warning—this communication energy can sometimes go off the rails. Be tactful!


Key Number 7

Dot the i's and cross the t's.

Some cycle months demand that you pay more attention to detail. This is one of those months.

Rush through a project and you will find yourself doing an encore—almost immediately. Forget a date, or an appointment, and there will be consequences.

This is a hard working cycle month where you are unable to get away with anything cycle month—be a perfectionist. At the same time it's very physical. You may feel like getting out and doing some sports. Indoors, romance can bloom.


Key Number 8

Expect to be excited!

This continues to be a rather tumultuous time. So, don't expect serenity. However, you may experience unexpected people or situations to pop into your life.

This cycle energy is about the unexpected event. Flow with it.

The roller coaster is still climbing and as you know what goes up...

Turn your ability around to think outside the box, to your advantage.


Key Number 9

A time to stay home and embrace responsibility.

It is a time for more personal growth. A friend of mine is fond of saying "no more &%@** personal growth."

Whether you want to or not, you will grow emotionally in this energy. It is what life offers you in order to fulfil your destiny. Take up the challenges presented by your close friends and loved ones.

There is a lot to be learned from facing up to life's interesting personal growth opportunities.

This cycle energy often leads to romantic interludes. Usually not uncomplicated, though.

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