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Your numerology cycles May 1–15

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Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.\


Key Number 1

The end.

This is the end of a minor cycle so expect some interesting endings and completions. Some will be unexpected, but others will be completions that have been in process for a while. Ending cycles are a time to clean up and leave space for new beginnings.

You may find yourself feeling more sympathetic or compassionate—this is good, but be careful not to overdo it. Healthy boundaries are a good thing.

A strong tendency to make the world a better place is also a good thing. But: be careful not to exhaust yourself in an effort to make everything right for everybody.

Your creative side will wish to be expressed.


Key Number 2

Fortunate you!

It's spring and the beginning of a new minor cycle. Lucky you—you get a chance at a fresh new way of looking at life. This may be confusing at times, but optimism runs under the confusion like a sparkling little stream. Don't ignore it or try to dam it! It's encouraging you to notice that you have the opportunity to begin again in almost all areas of your life.

This cycle month’s energy is full of possibility. It’s a chance to start a new way of looking at your life and your own abilities. Take a chance on something new: a new idea or a new project. Or most importantly, a new attitude.

Plant some seeds of positivity and watch them grow.


Key Number 3

A time to be sweet.

Last month was about moving forward aggressively bringing new ideas into the light and to some extent tooting your own horn. This month is more about diplomacy and quiet communication. A time to be diplomatic and to speak encouragingly to others.

In this cycle energy, it is better to hide your light rather than stand in the spotlight. You will be more powerful if you are quiet and helpful and give reassurance to anyone who might need it.

Some of the ideas begun last month may need some polishing and nourishing. Think about them quietly and decide what needs to be done to encourage their growth.


Key Number 4

Go play outside.

Play is important this month. This month’s cycle energy encourages extroverted activities and communication. It's also important to remember to laugh, as this energy is playful and enjoys humour. This is also a very creative vibration, and not only in art—especially in creative idea producing and problem-solving.

Confusion can reign at times, but chaos often brings creativity to the forefront by shaking things up and bringing out the best in your creative abilities.


Key Number 5

A time to organize!

If ever there was a cycle month to get your ducks in a row, this is it. There will be a natural inclination to be organized and to put things in their proper place.

This month’s cycle energy is not easy. It's especially hard to stay disciplined and colour within the lines when the blossoms are falling. Put order and care to the details—things will be more comfortable in the long run if you pay attention.

There may be a tendency to feel a bit negative. The take a walk under the blossoms or down by the sea and let nature soothe you. The cycle is very earthy, so being outdoors can do wonders, even when you're being tested.


Key Number 6

Expect the unexpected.

This month's cycle energy is a little on the wild side. Twists and turns and unexpected events will pop up when you least expect them. Visitors from out of town or perhaps an unexpected legacy—almost anything can happen.

You are dynamic this month. Adventure and risk-taking, even in the mental realm, bring satisfaction. Your ability to communicate is at its peak, but be careful remember to filter your most acute observations when they are negative. You are especially accident-prone, so remember that haste makes waste.


Key Number 7

Balance and reward.

Keeping balance between the different parts of your life may be a little difficult to this month. However, good things are likely to take precedence. It is a harvest energy in your cycle, so it is especially likely to bring good results to ventures and ideas that were begun a long time ago.

Adopt awaiting stance and you are likely to be rewarded for the help the seeds you have planted in the past.

Pay attention to your career. This is a good time to ask for a raise or to be acknowledged in some other way.

Stand up for yourself.


Key Number 8

Stay quiet.

This month’s cycle energy is not a good energy for extroverts, or extroverted behavior, for that matter. Instead, it is a time to stop and reflect, and to think about where you are in your journey and what you have created in your life. A time for deep reflection.

Pay close attention to your intuition—it is likely to be sharper than usual. Watch for synchronicities. What might seem like coincidence is actually a message from the inner world directing you to listen to your own inner voices.

Best to not be too social. Do your best to enjoy your own company.


Key Number 9

You are in your power.

Keeping balance between the different parts of your life may be a little difficult this cycle. But if you're able to keep balance, you will be rewarded.

This is a harvest month energy, so whatever you have created in the past is likely to show results now. Especially those positive seeds you planted way back a few months ago.

Try not to be too authoritative with family members. You may feel as if you know more than others at this time.

You are likely to be more self-confident and willing to take risks in the career area of your life.This is a good cycle month for advancement in career.

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