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Your numerology cycles May 1–15

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This is not a go-forward energy, it is more about nurturing seeds that you've already planted and waiting to see what happens. If you're patient, and let things develop at their own speed, you are likely to have a much better outcome. This is a cycle month where being aggressive will work against you.


Key Number 5

Call on your creative and imaginative talents.

As much is possible in this cycle month, be sociable. Cultivate the society of old friends and make new ones. This is a cycle energy for an active social life. Enjoy travel if you can manage it, but if you're not able to travel, use the energy of your creative imagination to express yourself in new and novel ways. This is a time to have fun.

Although it's a lighter time, it's important to keep superficial or frivolous activities to a reasonable minimum. Enjoy the happiness that comes with this lighter energy, but be careful not to overindulge or be too extravagant. Don't overspend or lose sight of money matters.


Key Number 6

Put your nose to the grindstone.

It's spring, and you may have a strong desire to go out and play, but don't do it until all your work is done. Concentrate on what needs to be done, on duty and creating order in all different parts of your life. Make sure your bills are up-to-date, important emails answered, and generally take organizational and management duties very seriously.

You may not have much time for personal pleasure in this cycle month and don't be surprised if emotional tests arise.

Do your best to keep on keeping on. Be as efficient, emotional and rational as possible, especially when dealing with financial matters.

Do not colour outside the lines in any aspect of your life. Unpleasant karma will occur if you do.


Key Number 7

Revel in freedom.

This cycle month is a time to revel in freedom and expand your horizons. Try being adventurous. Look at new ideas and be as flexible as you can in your thinking.

Things are likely to move along at a fast clip. New opportunities may come along—some of the most exciting ones will be found outside the way that you usually think. Be prepared and embrace change.

You may bring the change to yourself or find yourself dealing with unexpected events sometimes initiated by other people. Take advantage of the shifting circumstances and flow with the evolving conditions. This is a time to be very versatile.


Key Number 8

Time to concentrate on your home life.

This cycle month is a good time to concentrate on your home life and duties and obligations to your family and loved ones. You won't feel happy under this cycle month’s energy unless you are giving of yourself.

In case you haven't noticed, this is a domestic and romantic cycle energy.

You find considerable responsibilities for others and really find a good deal of satisfaction in being of assistance. Focus on your home and family members. Things will move a bit more slowly and perhaps with a bit less excitement, but domestic life should be very fulfilling.

If you stay close to home, hold a listening ear for those who may need some advice, and if you tidy up your personal space, you're likely to feel quite happy.

Be sure to finish whatever you begin.


Key Number 9

Time for reflection.

While last month was all about family and showing up for those who may need your help or service, this month’s cycle energy is more about the inner life and reflection. Try to spend some time alone. You probably have obligations that you have to fulfill, but if you can make as much space as possible for "me" time you will be happier and even healthier.

Avoid expanding or making changes in your career life. This is not a time for ambition in the material world, it's a time for asking the questions—

Who am I?

Where am I going? And,

What do I want in my life from this time forward?

In this cycle energy you are better served by thinking deeply, concentrating and reflecting rather than acting. Listen to your intuition, it will be sharper than it has been for a long time.

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