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Your numerology cycles March 16–31

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Develop new ideas.

This is a time for fresh ideas in all areas of your life—personal, business or family. You are more effective in starting new things under this cycle month energy. Remember, this can sometimes set off a chain of events which can make differences in all aspects of your life.

So, remember this is a potent time. Think about what you are putting into action.

This is a great time for starting new business ventures and seeding long-term dreams. You may want to expand or make changes in some of your existing projects.

Be open to creating new friendships and associations. This is a fresh new time, and it can bring fresh new ideas and people into your life.

Stand up for yourself.


Key Number 6

Listen to the ideas of others.

This is a time of great sensitivity for you. You may feel a little touchy. Be prepared, not reactive.

Expect a lot of heightened emotions around you. This can be very tiring, so it's important to take good care of yourself. Try not to take anything personally. You are vulnerable but you are also in a cycle energy when your input can be very valuable in some situations.

Diplomacy is one of the gifts of this understated energy, and you may find yourself acting as a mediator ending quarrels and making sense of difficulties in other relationships.

This can be a cycle month when you give a great deal of affection, friendship and love and receive it in return.


Key Number 7

Be a social butterfly.

Continue to work on expressing your creativity and enjoying your social life. Look for opportunities to express your creative ability in new ways. Your ability to communicate can increase your status and improve your reputation. You are most likely to have more charisma which will cause people to gravitate towards your ideas.

Be a little cautious about how you express your feelings. It's important to be tactful even if you're feeling enthusiastic. Be as honest and open as you can. Be careful not to come across as conceited, as this may neutralize the charismatic side of your nature.  Emphasize optimism and enthusiasm along with your spirit of fun. Create a social life which makes you happy.


Key Number 8

Change your point of view.

With all the work there is to do this month, it is easy to feel restricted. Don't work at anything even for short time if you feel that you are in a rush or not likely to make progress. Change your point of view, if you can, to make the work more acceptable. If that doesn't work, change the job altogether. Counteract any feelings of limitation.

Allow a few days of play periodically, or intersperse a few breaks for meditation, reevaluation and reorganization.

You are bound to feel more serious than usual during this complex and intense energy. You will feel more comfortable if you take care of all the organizational and stabilizing projects.

Pay attention to your diet. Get out and enjoy some fresh air.


Key Number 9

Delight in a variety of experiences.

Be open to the possibility of making new and exciting friends from all walks of life. Enjoy any social affairs that are offered.

This is a great time for travel, or making plans to travel. You may be tempted to speculate in some interesting financial schemes, but be careful you keep your wits about you. Get a good sense of the merit of anything you may think of being involved in before you make a commitment. Try to avoid being extravagant or self-indulgent. You may expect more in the way of rewards than you actually receive. Exert considerable effort throughout the year to promote yourself, your business and your ideas. Be enthusiastic.

Be careful not to procrastinate or to neglect your obligations. There is a tendency to scatter energy in this cycle month.

Although you may sometimes feel scattered or too busy, don't neglect the people close to you, or you will regret it later.

This is a time when you are likely to appeal to the opposite sex.


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