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Your numerology cycles March 1–15

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There is the beginning of a new minor cycle in this cycle month: a time of exciting change, new attitudes, and new opportunities. Sometimes a bit confusing—new beginnings always are.

Plant new seeds in whatever area of your life's garden you want to see growth in.
You can feel more energetic and assertive than you have for some time. Be ready to put new ideas forward. Jump in when opportunity presents itself.

As this cycle month makes its energy felt, it's a good idea to let go of as much as possible having to do with the past.

Take advantage of new situations as they appear. If you are being haunted by old ideas that have not worked, this is the time to say goodbye to them. Don't show fear of the future. Plunge in and create it.


Key Number 6

Allow as much time as it takes.

Things may not move as quickly as you would like in this cycle energy—you need to be patient. Though things may slow down considerably, if you exercise patience, it will help you to stay on an even keel.

If you are wise and patient, things will develop at their own pace. This is definitely not a risk-taking cycle energy. It's a time to stay in the background, be supportive of others, and keep your opinions to yourself.

Try not to call attention to yourself or your projects.
Though this is a low-profile time for you, it's also a good time for creating new friendships. Create harmony wherever you go.


Key Number 7

Spring is in the air.

This month should have a special light or energy. It's a time to look around and appreciate what you have. It's also a time to expand and develop opportunities, especially where there is a chance to express your creative and imaginative talents.

You may feel unexpectedly optimistic and cheerful. For this reason, you will probably be quite popular. This is a good time to find old friends on social media and perhaps make some new ones as well. Social life can bubble to the surface and cause you to sparkle.

Though this is a time mostly for fun, it's important to keep your head and not overdo your social life. Find out what’s best for your creativity.


Key Number 8

Order and systems.

Some cycle months are meant for fun, but this is not one of them. This cycle month is for work. Concentrate on the prescribed work that must be done with your mental or physical stamina. Be prepared for some long periods of hard work and get used to tight schedules, too.

Take care of organizational and management duties in all parts of your life. Although there may be less time than usual for personal pleasure, don't shirk any obligation or put out less effort than is required. Shirking brings negative karma.

Stabilize any ventures or projects. If there are any weak areas, shore them up. Don't depend on luck or dreams at this time—they won't be much help. Be as efficient, economical, and rational as possible. This is a test cycle.


Key Number 9

Expand your horizons.

Last month was about working within a box. This month is a time to revel in freedom and expand your horizons. Keep an open mind and concentrate on feeling flexible and free. Be adventurous and think outside the box as much as possible. Use your imagination and resourcefulness to make life more interesting.

This is a time for unexpected events many of your opportunities—and some of the most exciting ones—will be found outside your ordinary routine. Expect twists and turns and unexpected events. You may initiate change or find yourself dealing with changes begun by other people or events. Take advantage of shifting circumstances and flow with the evolving conditions. Emphasize versatility and quick reactions. Learn to release your hold on old ways of dealing with life and make room for new strategies.

Make sure though to take care of any situation left over from all conditions. This will help ensure a better chance of increasing your personal freedom and furthering your professional advancement.

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