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Your numerology cycles June 16–30

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But, be careful about scattering your energy recklessly. Try to complete one project before starting another. Have fun, but be careful not to neglect your duties or ongoing ventures.


Key Number 5

Order and systems and some confusion.

In this cycle energy, it's very important to be persnickety and create order and systems wherever you touch down, but you need to be prepared for some tests as well.

This energy seems to bring unusual circumstances (like tests of strength) in the emotional life. People—even loved ones—can behave in a way that causes you to feel frustrated. Try to stay calm and reasonable wherever you can. The upside is that you're likely to be quite stoic. Take the tests, physical or emotional, in stride. Create order, especially in your mind.


Key Number 6

Delight in the unexpected.

Expect the unexpected and be ready to go along with it. Keep your eyes open for new and exciting influences and friends from all walks of life and take in as many social events as possible.

Under this cycle energy, you will probably want to travel. Take advantage of any opportunities to get outside your usual environment or routine.

Take a look at your career and decide the direction you want to take, but especially decide how you can do things differently. Try to keep impulsiveness in control, at least when relating to decisions that have long-term effects. Be careful not to scatter your energy in all directions. Try to concentrate on doing one thing at a time.

You are quite likely to feel restless or impatient, which is natural, but pull yourself back if you find that you're feeling a bit snappy.

Unusual relationships can crop up.


Key Number 7

Don't let anyone take advantage of your generous nature.

This cycle month’s energy is nurturing and family-oriented. Be sure to allow some time to express love and affection for members of your own family. At the same time, it's important to not allow people to take advantage of your generous nature. It's hard to say "no" in this cycle energy, but if you don't find your own healthy boundaries, you're likely to end up feeling resentful.

This energy, which is so much about family and home, can also be about making your home beautiful. Spend some time doing an inventory of what needs to be done in your environment and use your creative energy to tweak things.

It's also healthy to schedule some time away from family so you can indulge your creative self.


Key Number 8

Look for inner truths.

Rely on your intuition more than you have in the past. This is a spooky energy. Thoughts will wander to deeper subjects, spiritual values, and intuition.

Watch for synchronicities. Don't be surprised if you notice a desire to spend more time by yourself than usual. When you notice this, it means that you are in sync with your own inner rhythms.

This is not a social time, but it’s still a time to communicate with people who are on the same wavelength. Try to avoid misunderstandings with people who aren't comfortable with your leave-taking or your need for introspective time. This is a time when you are most easily misunderstood. When you must explain your point of view, do it carefully and calmly.


Key Number 9

Clarify your aims and specific goals.

Focus your energies and push forward. This cycle month’s energy continues to create a time to take action. Timing is everything, and under this cycle influence, your timing should be on track.

If you can radiate authority and self-confidence you are likely to be rewarded. At the same time, it's important to display good judgment, especially relating to finance.

Remember to take good care of your health. You need a few breaks here and there and time off will give you the opportunity to evaluate your direction.

Romantic matters are likely to distract.

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