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Your numerology cycles June 15 - 30

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Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key number 1
Avoid allowing yourself to be a martyr under the energy of this month. You may feel a great deal of responsibility for the welfare of others, and, indeed, this cycle month energy demands that you be of service. However, it's important to draw that line in the sand. Give service and help those who deserve your help, but, don't allow yourself to become a doormat.

There is a strong romantic energy in this complex cycle. Make the most of it.

Key number 2
Retreat! The energy of this cycle month continues to be all about withdrawing.

You may not be able to dawn a convenient cloak of invisibility, but do the best you can to stay quiet and unobtrusive.

Florence Campbell – the great numerologist – once said "this is the time for the spiritual hen to sit upon her nest."

Indeed, if you can find the nest, hide in it.

On the other hand, finding others who are meditating, contemplating, reflecting and resting is a very good idea. If you can't bear to be alone, at least stay away from noisy people.


Key number 3
You are still very much under the energy of personal power, materialism, and being in charge. If anyone needs help in any situation where an arbitrator, a judge or a supervisor is needed, you have the energy to fulfill that role. This cycle energy is very much about harvest. For that reason, it's very karmic. If you feel powerful and lucky, it means you have planted positive seeds in the past. If you feel things are going downhill, accept what you have created and start over.


Key number 4
You may find yourself overdoing compassion in the 2nd half of the month.  Compassion is a good thing, of course, but only when applied where it is most needed. Do put yourself in the other person's moccasins, but do not carry anyone else's burden. You must focus on organizing your own priorities. This cycle energy represents completion, conclusion and ending.

It is difficult to avoid procrastination under this influence. However, it is important to occupy your time, with cleansing and decluttering to make room for new ideas and the change of direction.

Key number 5
Brush off your leadership skills and bring them with you wherever you go. Having the courage to present new ideas, and even sometimes to step up and be the hero, is available to you now.

However, it's important to not overwhelm other people with your ambitious view of what's best for them.

Leadership is good, but no one likes a tyrant. You may at times feel very independent and headstrong, especially around ideas for which you feel great enthusiasm.

This is the time of planting seeds for the future, in your career, and in your relationships. Remember the human factor.


Key number 6
You may have some difficulty working out how to be cooperative, without seeming to be passive. It's a fine line you will walk this month, wanting to support others, but remembering to take care of yourself and your independence.

If possible, avoid making decisions, or at least delay the important ones. You may notice there is a tendency towards indecisiveness under this cycle energy.

Remember to listen to your intuition regarding people. You are likely to feel quite sensitive emotionally, but that sensitivity will also serve you well. Your Spidey sense will be very acute.

Key number 7
Think before you spend. There is a tendency to want instant gratification under this cycle month energy. Using your savings for a new pair of shoes, or some other indulgence, will bring great regret next month.

Caution aside, this is a month of joy. If you allow yourself to make jokes, they are likely to be well received. When you feel happy, your enthusiasm will be contagious. This is also a lucky cycle energy. Unexpected happy rewards are waiting to shower down on you. The more you smile, the more magnetic you will be.


Key number 8
Continue to work with discipline and orderliness. If you can, avoid rigidity. In this cycle month, there is a tendency to believe you are right, whether you are or not.  Do your research before you make sweeping statements.

It should not be difficult since this cycle energy tends to be very methodical.

This is a building time, especially for new ideas or projects.

This is an earthy sensual vibration. Take good care of your body, and be open to some pampering when it's available.


Key number 9
This is not a time when you want to be pinned down. Anything boring will be a challenge. You will want freedom, and it's a good idea to follow the impulse to try new things and develop new ideas.

Restriction is difficult. Variety is desirable, so vary your routine as much as possible. Thinking outside of your usual pattern will bring opportunities for creating solutions that would not normally occur to you. Plan travel. 


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