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Your numerology cycles June 1–15

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Pay attention to details.

If ever there was a time to be meticulous in all aspects of your life, this is it.This is true because if you are not careful, any tiny slip up will cause you to pay a price.Order and systems are important. Take care of detail with patience and determination.

Be sure to pay attention to what must be done whether mental or physical. You can't avoid hard work or tight schedules.On the positive side, you will probably have some deep feelings of satisfaction with any work you complete.

Stay practical and rational in all matters relating to your life.

There may be less time than usual for personal pleasure but don't be distracted. Take care of your obligations and make sure that you put in all the effort that is required to complete your projects as perfectly as possible.


Key Number 6

Expand your horizons.

Keep an open mind and, as much is possible, think flexibility. Make use of your imagination and use a creative approach to solving problems which may arise.

Opportunities that do come along are likely to come out of left field. Change your routine, as surprises are likely to live outside of the way you usually do things.

Important changes often pop up under this cycle energy. Be prepared to embrace the unexpected. Watch for shifting circumstances and take the opportunity to flow with new and evolving conditions.

It’s best for you to be versatile and allow yourself to react quickly where needed. Open your mind to new ways of doing things.


Key Number 7

Stay close to home.

You may find yourself acting the role of the counsellor under this cycle months energy. It’s a time to concentrate on your home life and the duties and obligations that come with having family and friends.

This month, being a homebody and being in service to your loved ones will probably make you feel happiest. Focus on your home and family members.

Things may move along more slowly than usual, but that will give you the opportunity to pay attention to your duties and to make space for anyone who needs your counsel or a little TLC.

Although it's important to hold a listening ear for anyone who might need your advice, be careful not to meddle in the affairs of others, no matter how helpful you might think you can be. Giving advice that has not been requested can land you in the soup.


Key Number 8

Spend some time alone.

This cycle energy suggests you go within. It’s not a time for the material world so much as a time to reevaluate your life and think deeply and contemplate rather than act. Of course, it's important to take care of family and other obligations, but try to allow some time for yourself as well.

Avoid trying to make changes in career life or financial affairs. This is not a good time to expand or change direction.

Take a good look and become better acquainted with your own powers, past accomplishments and what you desire for the future.

This is not a time when social life is comfortable. If you do socialize, it’s better to do it in very small groups and with people who have similar interests.

If you tap into your creative side, you may notice that you will be more interested in walking between the worlds. Spiritual awareness is possible.


Key Number 9

A time for exercising personal power.

This cycle month is about harvesting. You’re likely to have more power, especially in career or business affairs, than you've had for the last few months. Make the most of it.

Some of your ongoing ventures will begin to come to a conclusion, especially if you have worked hard on them.

Remember to keep an eye on your economic picture. I'm not promising a lottery win, but this is an energy in which you are likely to be more fortunate financially. This is an expansive energy. Be careful not to expand your credit limits.

This cycle energy is a good time to invest or start a new business and generally a time when you are likely to take up new and unique challenges—only if you've spent time reading the fine print, though.

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