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Your numerology cycles July 16–31

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Enjoy as many social opportunities as possible and don't forget to look at vacation possibilities. This is a good time to travel or to plan travel, and an excellent time to think about travelling outside of your usual comfort zone.

Be careful of finances. This is a cycle energy in which you may find yourself feeling a bit impulsive. Keep your wits about you and don't jump too quickly into new ventures without taking some time to think them through.

Promote yourself or your business ideas with enthusiasm.


Key Number 6

You may receive much affection and love.

As much as this cycle month' s energy is about family and responsibility and being of service to others, it's also about romantic pleasures.

If you are searching for a mate, this is one of the best cycle energies to take your desire into the marketplace. You may be emotional throughout the month. If you can express your feelings openly, clearly, and in a balanced manner, you are much more likely to be in the right frame of mind to attract love and attention in return.

However, if you are in a relationship and your mutual communication and problem-solving leave something to be desired, you may find yourself moving towards an impasse or change.

In this cycle energy, it's good idea to try to take steps to improve your relationship.


Key Number 7

Avoid materialistic ventures as much is possible.

As in the first half of the month, this continues to be a time for deep thinking and contemplation rather than pushing forward. You may notice that you have a deep desire to know more.

If you really stop and look within, you will become better acquainted with your own power, past accomplishments and what you want to have happen in the future. Take some time to study your past and the present—and plan for the future.

This is also an excellent time to increase your knowledge and improve your talents. So, with that in mind, decide if there are courses that you would like to take or interests that you've always wanted to follow.

This is not a time to be very social. There is a tendency to be misunderstood. Better to stay close to the people who know you best.


Key Number 8

Clarify your specific goals.

Use all the energy you have available to take action at the right time. This is a good time to improve and bring to conclusion some exciting projects you have been thinking about.

You may assert yourself vigorously and dynamically. This is more likely to be of benefit to you than at any other time in the year.

Although this is most likely a time to develop the career side of your life, don't miss the fact that you are in your power and all areas of your life are likely to respond favourably to your strength. Approach your activities this month in a serious and businesslike manner. Continuous effort and hard work are required make the most of your courage in organizational and managerial aspects of life.


Key Number 9

Expect some drama.

This cycle month is highly charged with emotion, and for that reason, you can expect some drama.

If you can handle these matters sanely, you will be rewarded with love, sympathy, and emotional support.

Try to be as sensitive tactful and compassionate as you can, because in the midst of this highly charged energy, you will sometimes feel a bit confused and sometimes a bit edgy.

Remember to bring ventures or relationships which are not working to a conclusion. It's especially important to have a space for new ideas and for moving forward in the next month, which is the beginning of a new minor cycle.

You may be drawn to the spiritual or psychological life. This is a good thing. You will find great comfort in spirituality and nature.

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