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Your numerology cycles July 1–15

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This cycle month's energy is good for expanding your horizons. Keep an open mind and concentrate on creating freedom and flexibility and all aspects of your life. Be adventurous, not only physically, but mentally as well. Use your imagination and as much resourcefulness as you can muster.

Be prepared for twists and turns and unexpected events. The energy of this month moves quickly, so situations and opportunities are likely to come out of the blue.

Expect changes all around you. These can appear in many aspects of your life, residence, work, or family situations. You may initiate change, or it may appear unexpectedly. As much as you can, flow with the energy.


Key Number 6

Stay close to home.

This cycle month's energy is about concentrating on your home life as well as your duties and obligations to family and close friends. You may not be feeling particularly like a social worker, but under this cycle month’s energy, it's better to serve compromise and make adjustments for other people than it is to fight the flow.

This is a serious energy. You will find that responsibilities and obligations take precedence over summer activities. So, it is best to integrate loved ones and friends into your social life.

Things move a bit more slowly and methodically than they did last month. You will probably enjoy the slower pace.

Though this cycle month is very much about being in service, it's a good idea not to expect too much in return. Chalk up good deeds to future karma.


Key Number 7

Spend some time alone.

This cycle month's energy is ideal for spending some time on the inner life. Reevaluating your goals and current projects and asking some uncomfortable questions is what this cycle energy is best for.

Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want in my life from this time forward?

These kinds of questions are ideal for this contemplative and inner-directed cycle energy. This is not a time to take on too many extroverted challenges, and it is not a time to expand or make changes. It's a time to think deeply, contemplate, and reflect rather than act. A nice quiet time in nature, at the beach, or on a mountain will be most enjoyable.


Key Number 8 

You are in your power.

In this cycle month’s energy, you have the opportunity to develop positive potential and enjoy a little blooming from seeds that were planted in the past. You may find yourself reaping a bountiful harvest if you have planted positive seeds over the last few months. You will be encouraged to explore the possibilities of additional growth, as well as current or future expansion.

Remember to keep an eye on your economic picture. Money may come from unexpected or untapped sources, but sometimes it's important not to overdo it. It’s best to keep an eye on the bottom line and make any changes in spending habits that will help you keep your financial life balanced. Watch for new and progressive opportunities that may present themselves.

You will probably feel braver in your financial life, so this can be a good time to invest, start a new business, and accept new and unique challenges. It is also an excellent time to ask for advancement or raises.


Key Number 9 

A month for transitions.

This cycle month’s energy is a time to take inventory and clear the decks, especially if you have completed or outgrown interests, activities, and even relationships. Remember: this will give you an opportunity to clear space for future opportunities.

Finish and leave behind all the obvious obstacles, as well as thoughts or ideas that have hampered your ability to move forward. Getting rid of the outmoded and undesirable will help make way for new and worthwhile ideas and tactics. Give up relationships you've outgrown or do not find beneficial to your progress.

This is a sensitive cycle month. Take good care of your health and take time out to contemplate your next steps.

Don't be surprised if you feel quite emotional.

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