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Your numerology cycles January 1–15

Happy New Cycle Year!

2016 is a 9 Cycle Year for the world, which means it is the end of a cycle which began in 2008.
The Universal Year is important.  Although our personal cycle for the year determines where we are in our cycle pattern, the general trend of events in the world follows the universal cycle.  It is believed that selfishness and greed cannot flourish in this 9 cycle energy (2016).  It is believed that if it does, it comes back to haunt us.
The universal 9 vibration is meant to be about love and cooperation and compassion.  At the end of the cycle, hatred and bitterness are to be tied in a bundle and dropped into the sea, or perhaps the energy could be recycled into good works.  Energy is energy, after all. Let's hope!
Unsatisfactory relationships, even on the world stage, are to be finished up.  This is the year for a general planet cleaning.

This year I am doing something different.  In the past, even at the beginning of a new year, I have focused on the cycle energy of each personal month for each key number.
It seldom happens that the key number is the same as the personal cycle year, but for everyone this is true this year.  Because of this interesting happening, I thought it might be a good idea to explain the energy of the whole year ahead, for each key number.

Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.

Key Number 1

Congratulations! You are in a 1 cycle year, the beginning of a new 9-year cycle of life.

This year is about new beginnings.  Leave the past behind, and march bravely into a new future.  The energy is right for this.
Sometimes it's a bit unnerving to find oneself in a new 9-year cycle. It can feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under our feet.  In reality though, it could be said that we have completed or outgrown much of what was important in the last few years.  This doesn't mean you burn down your house, or abandon your friends.
However, it is a good idea to do a ruthless self evaluation, and leave behind what does not serve you.  Even the most negative person will recognize a little ripple of optimism running under the surface of life at the beginning of a new cycle.  This cycle energy can be a bit scary and even confusing, yet also very exciting.
This is definitely a time of new beginnings and opportunities.
Be independent!  Independence will be a seed for the future.  Stand on your own two feet, follow someone else's dream.  At this time this will lead to nine years of inner conflict.
Pay attention to your intuition, and be the leader you really are.

Key Number 2

You are in a 2 cycle year. Connect with others, but stay out of the spotlight.

In this cycle year, it is important to be cooperative.  Where cooperation impinges on your individuality, you will need to find a tactful way to stand up for yourself and be quietly firm.  Expect relationship issues to demand attention.
You are strong and powerful when you rely on your inner strength, but in most situations you must use a soft approach.  Tact is important, so think carefully before you speak.  
Relationship issues are likely to pop up from time to time. Do your best to resolve upsets with consideration for the feelings of others.  This can be a very romantic year.  However, the intense sensitivity of this year will require that you balance your emotions in all situations.

Key Number 3

You are in a 3 cycle year. Go on a charm offensive.

You will be at your persuasive best in the cycle year, able to charm the stars out of the sky.  Use your ability to read others to your own best advantage, and smile.  In most circumstances your charm and ability to communicate will cause you to find yourself in happy environments.
Of all cycle years, this is the one when you have most accessed your creativity the most.  Whether it's writing, decorating, photography, dancing, cooking or throwing parties, you will excel when your creative self is called to the forefront.
A note of caution though:  this cycle year can be quite scattered, and though it is sometimes referred to as the cycle of joy, it's important to remember duty and work which may not be so joyful.
Keep a watchful eye on what must be done, and don't avoid deadlines or meeting expectations.  On the whole though, this is a year when you can shrug negative emotions off easily and carry on.
Play is an important part of this joyful cycle year.  Make time to play a little every day.

Key Number 4

You are in a 4 cycle year. Be serious! It's a time for hard work and paying attention to details.

Even if you are not an orderly person by nature, you will find yourself sorting and tidying, and creating order all through this year.  Fighting the tendency to create order will find you suffering.
Physical mental and emotional stability must be created.  Focus on your health, keep to your diet and make time for exercise.  In the 4 cycle year you must work at building a stronger foundation for your future.
Colouring outside the lines in any area of your life will bring almost instant and undesirable karma.
Work hard, obey the rules, and put money in the parking meters.
You must be patient. Things will not move as quickly as you want them to.  But while you're waiting for developments you have the opportunity to check on the details, to be sure you left nothing undone.
If you're willing to abide by the rules in all areas of your life, you will emerge in 2017 ready to party.

Key Number 5

You are in a 5 cycle year. Freedom and adventure are around every corner.

This is a dynamic, action-packed, unexpected event year.  Your destiny can change in the twinkling of an eye. Restlessness will dog you, so make some plans to travel and live the life of the experimenter.
This is a year to break out of your shell, travel, take risks, make new friends and promote yourself.
Prepare to be flexible.  If you try to stay rigid you are quite likely to crack.
You may be a multitasker by nature, and in this cycle year you will probably succeed.  There is a tendency to overdo, take on too much, and try to solve too many problems all at the same time. Be careful, your life can spiral out of control if you take on too much.
If you are able to bring discipline into this chaotic cycle, you will get a great deal accomplished.  Try to stay out of other people's problems.  There will be a temptation to think you can do it all.
You can do a lot, but a bit of moderation and temperance, and using some of your restless energy for creativity, will make this a happy and successful year.

Key Number 6

You are in a 6 cycle year. Love, family and responsibility.

Caring for others is inescapable in this cycle year.  You will find yourself supporting and nurturing others whether you want to or not.  Family, friends and children will all knock on your door asking to be nurtured and to be fed emotionally or actually.  You will find yourself wanting to look after anyone who needs a helping hand or an encouraging word.
Even if you're not usually a homebody, you will find yourself inextricably drawn to the kitchen, or kitchen shops.  If cooking is not your thing you will find yourself feeding others anyway.
Being a soft touch, you may need to be a bit more careful than usual about how you listen to sad stories. Emptying your bank account because you feel someone needs help of the financial kind, can lead to disaster.
Don't be hard on yourself if you give too much time and money to those in need. It's a 6 cycle year, not a permanent state.  You should be warned it's almost impossible to avoid matters of the heart in this generous and loving 6 cycle year.

Key Number 7

You are in a quiet, contemplative 7 cycle year. Your intuition will never be sharper than it is this year.

This is a year for research. You may not be working on developing the latest new tech gadget, but you will be inclined to go within and ask the question who am I? Where am I going?  What do I want in my life?
In this cycle year, if you are able to quiet your life and go within, you will make a great deal of progress.  Even if you're not in school, you will find yourself studying.  All the magical aspects of life—psychology, philosophy, alternative health, metaphysics, and even technology will catch your attention.
If you are a meditator, you will be in heaven.  If you do not do some form of yoga or meditation, you will probably feel restless and out of sorts.  If you have ever been tempted to do a detox, a silent retreat, or flirt with macrobiotics, this is the year to act on that inclination.
One caution though—be sure all your communications are perfectly clear.  With your focus inward, your outward voice may be a little muffled.

Key Number 8

This is the most powerful cycle year for the last eight years. You are harvesting what you have planted.

After the sensitivity of last year, this year you come out with all your power intact. You are more likely to be interested in material matters like money, financial stability, and organization in your home life, and that's as it should be.
This is a harvest year, so you will reap what you have sown over the last eight years, emotionally and physically, as well as financially.
This is also a lucky year. You are able to manifest almost anything you want to bring into your life.  However, don't overwork your financial resources - there is a tendency to feel overabundant.  There are major lessons to be learned as the result of past actions, but remind yourself that you deserve more than you have.
Being honest and acting with integrity will bring a great deal of positive reward throughout the year.

Key Number 9

You are in a 9 cycle year, the end of a cycle. A time for major housecleaning and completions.

Expect lots of drama this year. This is the most powerful emotional and spiritual year you have experienced since 2007.
The energy of this cycle is focused on completions and preparation for new beginnings in 2017. You are advised to let go of anything that is not working for you—friendship, relationship, residence or habits.  On the other hand, this is a year when your charisma is at its height.  Many people may want to be near you or have a piece of you.
Because it is the end of the cycle, it is important for you to take care of yourself and not extend your energy into many directions.
Wherever you can, deal with conflict and dispense with it.
This is another year in which you may find yourself being overly generous to others.  This is a good thing, but don't allow yourself to become exhausted in your compassion.
The end contains the seed of the beginning, so this year it will be important for you to think about the kinds of seeds you want to plant in your life next year.  It's not too early to begin to think of what you may want to plant in your life garden in 2017.

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