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Your numerology cycles February 15–28

Photography by April Hansen.

Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.



Key Number 1

This short cycle month is a time to stay close to your home base—not a time for wandering far away, if you can help it. This is definitely a time when staying in your own nest is likely to bring the best results emotionally.

If you have not had time to organize or clean, or to generally make your home environment more desirable, this is a time when it will be hard to resist. And this order will be uncomfortable.

If you're into cooking, this is a good time to practice. If not, be sure to take a loved one out to dinner, or even just coffee. It's a time for loving helpful conversations.

A word of warning: only give advice when it's asked for.


Key Number 2

Pay attention to your inner voices. Intuition is a unique tool which becomes sharper with use. Watch for synchronicities.

I often think of this cycle as one in which we walk between the worlds. Some may say magic is afoot. In any case, it's a different kind of energy in which we have more access to our own inner life and the capability of using talents which are not so available in the material world.

This is not a time to expose yourself to an overabundance of outside influences. Do what you need to do in your work life, but avoid starting anything that would require an appearance that is not totally authentically you.


Key Number 3

This cycle energy is about harvest. It's also very much about self-confidence. If you have an idea you want to present to the world, this is the time.

It's a short month, so you need to get busy and think about what it is you want to harvest from good energy put forward in the past. Of course, karma is always at work. Indifferent seeds planted in the past—energy that was not focused positively—is likely to produce big results, like a grizzly in your path.

The important thing is to learn from the experience. At the same time, you must take advantage of opportunities presented. This is not a cycle when it is wise to spend too much time wondering or procrastinating. Much must be done quickly before this positive and active energy fades.


Key Number 4 

February is such a short month. It may be difficult for you to do as much culling as is necessary in order to prepare for the new beginning cycle next month.

You may have to be a bit ruthless, and that's not always comfortable. However, it is very important to make a space for new ideas, new people, and new ventures. This all comes into being next month.

Also—remember to keep your boundaries in place. This cycle month’s energy tends to be overly generous and compassionate. Can you be overly generous and overly compassionate? The answer is yes, and under this cycle energy, you may be.

Make a real effort to pay attention to where you can be helpful and where you might be exploited.


Key Number 5 

Now that all the love fuss is done for another year, concentrate on moving forward with new ideas and tons of optimism. This cycle energy does not come around again until November, so make the most of new beginnings in all aspects of life.

There should be a ripple of optimism running under some of the confusion of this new beginning cycle month. Hang on to the optimistic part.

Pay attention to your interactions with loved ones, and perhaps not so loved ones, remembering that attitudes pervasive in this cycle month's energy will follow you through almost the rest of the year.


Key Number 6

Stay out of the spotlight. This cycle energy is not about stirring things up. It's more about staying in the background speaking only if you have something positive to say, and avoiding confrontation.

If you do decide to express your feelings or criticism, you will probably be the one to be heard. So pick your time carefully if you are going to communicate negatively, and remember that it would probably be more appropriate to wait until next month when you are stronger.

Perhaps a good, new quality piece for your wardrobe will make this slightly trying cycle energy easier to bear.


Key Number 7

This cycle energy can be a study in contrasts. On one hand you are more likely to feel lighthearted with the advent of spring, but the other side of the coin can be restless and sometimes a little moody.

Try not to fall on the side of gloom. Creative energy is available and, if you are wise, you will find an outlet for it—even if you must call upon past experiences that are less than desirable.

Write a story, paint a picture, send an original tweet or put a great photo on Instagram. So many ways to express ourselves in this digital age. The best medicine of all is to make a joke to cheer someone who's not feeling quite as creative as you are.


Key Number 8

Expect to be tested by the energy of this cycle month. It's not a time when you can get away with anything. Whatever you decide to do, do it on time and as perfectly as possible.

This cycle energy is about being a perfectionist and following the rules. Even so, you can expect to run into some cranky and difficult situations. Be sure to keep your temper in check. Remember: once you respond verbally, you are never able to take the words back. So be good, be punctual, and finish what you begin. Anything other than hard work and complete work will get you into lots of difficulty.


Key Number 9

Now that all the romantic fussing and worrying has passed, it's time to decide to what to do with your creative energy.

Taking a break from routine is highly recommended. Travel is a good idea if you can manage to get away, even for a couple of days. Better if you can go off to some sunny place, but whatever you do, change your routine.

It's important to remember to be diplomatic in your relationships. Your critical eye is bound to find fault, but better to keep your observations to yourself.

For some, there is a tendency to indulge. This can bring disastrous results. Be adventurous, but also compassionate. Positive thinking reigns.

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