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Your numerology cycles February 1–14

Photography by Elena Penkova.

Calculate Your Key Number

To find out what this month has in store for you, calculate your key number by adding the day and month of your birth. Continue adding until you arrive at a single digit. For example, if your birthday is October 14, your personal number is determined as follows: 10 + 14 = 24. Then 2 + 4 = 6, and you have the key number (6) that you will keep for life.



Key Number 1

This is a romance vibration. Not because of the 14th, famously known as the day for lovers, but because you're under a cycle influence which is all about love of all kinds.

Of course, if there is a lover in the picture, it is important to observe all the romantic rituals that go with Valentine’s. However, it's important to remember that love takes many forms—family love, pet love and love for humanity to mention just a few.

In this cycle energy you are more likely to be aware of opportunities to express caring and nurturing for all sentient beings. Be a lover! It's a perfect energy for it.


Key Number 2

Not the easiest cycle energy to be in when everyone is thinking about romance. More a time to retreat from frilly hearts and lacy messages.

If ever there was a time to give a little love it to yourself, this is it.

This cycle energy is about reevaluation. Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want in my life from this time forward? These are the questions which should be examined scrupulously.

It's also a time when your Spidey sense is going to be more acute. Do not ignore your intuition. It's more likely to be sharp and accurate than it has been for many months.


Key Number 3

Unlike last month, in which it was better to hide your light under a bushel, this cycle energy suggests you go out and buy a spotlight and stand under it. The purpose is to be visible active and perhaps even a little aggressive in tooting your own horn.

Being who you really are, with all your strengths and talents, and not being shy about exposing them is what this cycle energy is about. Expect to see blossoming of small seeds planted in the past.

The material world is your pomegranate, ripe and full of opportunity for different recipes baked to success. You will probably feel abundant. This is good, but don't overspend.


Key Number 4

Cycle energies do not always go along with the month they inhabit. However, this one does. It’s a time for love and a time for nurturing others lovingly. Not only romantic love, but love of humankind. If you're sending a valentine to anyone, make an extra frilly heart for the planet we live on.

This is a cycle month when it is important to decide where your energy should be dispatched. Some of it will go towards tying up the loose ends of the past and completions. Look at your relationships closely and determine which are adding to your experience and which are not. Under this cycle energy it's a good idea to be ruthless in deciding what to keep in your life and what to let go of.


Key Number 5 

This cycle month’s energy should make February more cheerful than it might otherwise be. It's a new beginning. Though starting over can be a bit of a pain, this cycle months energy should come wrapped with enthusiasm and possibility, making new beginnings more fun.

If you're feeling a little fresh and optimistic, especially about your personal relationships, you can blame it on the cycle month energy.

Plant seeds for the future in all aspects of your life. For example, a seed may be just a little bit of research about something you want to create in your life. A smile for a person with whom you've had a misunderstanding, or even some notes about what you would like to have happen in your workplace.

Much of this cycle month’s energy is about love and romance, but don't be so distracted with the love scene that you don't remember to plant those new seeds in all aspects of your life.


Key Number 6

Love is in the air and for you it will probably take the form of original communication. Luckily, this cycle month’s energy is about expressing yourself lovingly. It would be anyway, even if it wasn't Valentine’s.

You may not find yourself on the perfect date, but you will probably have an opportunity to show appreciation for those around you who are supportive. Be sure to show how much you appreciate those close to you.

This is a time when your ability to be vulnerable will work in your favour. Ask for help if you need it, but remember to acknowledge how much you appreciate what you do have in the way of loving people around you.


Key Number 7

This month’s cycle energy is perfect for Valentine’s. It's communicative, outgoing, and mostly optimistic. If you dig down and find your own inner communicator, you will be able to cheer everyone you come in contact with.

Love is in the air, and remember that it doesn't always have to be only romantic love—it can be love of family, love of pets, and love of humankind by doing your recycling properly.

This is a happy “on the verge of spring” energy. Plan a party or just take yourself out for a nice dinner.

Resiliency is available in this cycle month’s energy. No matter what the world throws at you, you are likely to come up smiling. If you don't feel like smiling—fake it.


Key Number 8

Though other people may be preparing for romance and beautiful Valentine’s, it’s better for you to place your nose firmly on the grind stone and keep it there.

This cycle energy is tricky. It's about keeping your word, arriving on time, and finishing what you begin.

At the same time, this is a romantic cycle energy in a physical sort of way. If you're thinking about looking for a partner you could be lucky, but be sure you do your research before jumping into an unknown situation.

Some cycle energies are tolerant of those who colour outside the lines. This cycle energy is not. Careful, thorough, complete work is what will move you forward.

Happy cautious Valentine’s!


Key Number 9

This is a risky cycle energy. For that reason, it's important to look before you leap into any situation. Having said that, it's also a time to look at alternative solutions to present problems.

Think outside the box. Of course this applies to romantic life as well as work life.

Under this cycle energy, flexibility and innovation bring positive results.

Valentine’s brings an opportunity for originality. Try constructing a handmade heart with an original message for someone you love.

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